Why Choosing the right Video Production Company is crucial to your online success.

I know you are busy, but I hope you can spare a couple of minutes to consider how video can totally transform your online presence.

1 - It can ATTRACT attention to your web site or social media platform of choice.

2 - Video will ENGAGE any visitor to your site. This gives you the opportunity to start to build rapport and tell your story.

3 - Video is one of the most efficient tools to CONVERT your web browsers into buyers.

Discover how Online Videos Perth guides you through this tricky area of Marketing.

You will be interested to know that we take out the worry of achieving your goals. By collaborating with you from start to the end you will be pleasantly surprised with our results.
Video production is not just a current trend but a serious business tool you will appreciate. It’s our job to not only meet our client’s expectations but to exceed them.
This is exactly what we set out to achieve by showing you the Why, What, and How of video marketing.

Here’s How it Works

  • Strategies Call

    A 15 minute Discovery Call where we can discuss your project.

  • Analysis

    We drill down and strategise your intended outcome and which video best suits your needs.

  • Pre-Production

    We go through our Check List to ensure all elements of video production are accounted for and that your video will look amazing.

  • Production

    The fun part of the process. We shoot the video according to our plan and may include a visit to your premises or a related location. During this phase we combine all the elements that are needed to produce your video.

  • Implementation

    Now we upload and embed your video in all of your relevant digital destinations. Promotion of your video is a huge part of it's success and we guide you with that as well.

You can fill in the Contact Form below or call Reg directly on 040 171 9859 for an obligation free chat about your project.

We wish you the very best of luck.

Our Portfolio Online Videos Perth produces videos that help their clients attract, engage and convert website visitors

  • Convert Blog Posts Into VideosPackages

    Convert Blog Posts Into Videos


    We all know that video is the most dominant and effective means to communicate to your loyal following and future customers online, but who has the time, expertise or even inclination to produce videos for their business.

    Online Videos Perth aims to take the hassle and stress out of producing your own video content, by leveraging off the content you write for your blog.

  • Explainer VideoPackages

    Explainer Video


    A short, 2D animated cartoon that simply conveys a message using a basic narrative structure.

    A truly versatile video in your playbook. This simple story telling method is a great way to explain your value proposition quickly and in an engaging manner. Depending on your call to action, it can be great for both attracting and engaging with your audience.

    Ideal for :- Start Ups, business with a complicated business model, for those in need of some online attention.

  • Social MediaPackages

    Social Media


    A video of any length that engages with a fan or follower online. These can vary from single address to camera, to professionally produced profiles, all with the express intent of engaging viewers through social media.

    By talking directly to fans and followers, you can achieve your chosen outcome from attracting new followers, sharing content, liking and subscribing to actual buying decisions.

    Ideal For :- Start ups, those with a minimal marketing budget, B2C,

  • Landing Page VideoPackages

    Landing Page Video


    A short engaging video that drives conversion for a single product or service by sitting on a dedicated web page that is only about one product or service.

    This lead conversion machine is the perfect accompaniment for any business that wants more; more sales, more leads, more attention.

    Ideal For :- Start Ups, sales, promotions, B2C, B2C,

  • Demonstration VideoPackages

    Demonstration Video


    A short video that explains in a step by step way as to how a product or service works.

    By demonstrating your product or service, you immediately instil confidence in what you are selling as viewers get to see the product or service working, it answers questions, it reduces returns and overall increases conversion.

    Ideal For :- E Commerce, online retailers, start ups, crowd funded projects

  • Corporate VideoPackages

    Corporate Video


    About. Telling your business story allows others to get to know you.

    Fantastic way for your prospects and clients to get to know, like and trust a business. The story behind the business allows people to connect with your staff, understand your story, your values and your overall mission.

    Ideal For :- Start Ups, B2B, B2C, professional services, Fortune 500, training organisations, clubs, organisations.

  • LinkedIn Profile VideoPackages

    LinkedIn Profile Video


    With LinkedIn being more than just an online CV, professionals worldwide are using it more and more as a platform to connect, broaden their reach as well as to educate  themselves from those within their own industry. Having a LinkedIn Profile Video allows professionals to be found, to be remembered and to be chosen by potential employers, business partners or investors.

  • Green Screen Studio

    Green Screen StudioPackages

    Green Screen Studio


    A Green Screen is usually a large piece of fabric that is coloured green that is used for the background of the video. During the post production process a process called Chroma Key is used to eliminate the background, which can then be replaced with an image or video of your choice. You may also see a Blue Screen being used, especially in Hollywood movies, but they achieve the same end.

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