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15 Surprising Facts About Video & Content Marketing

If you’re a marketer or content creator, chances are, you have already discovered the quickly expanding world of online video marketing. These days, brands big and small are enlisting the help of video producers and creators to build viral campaigns aimed at reaching the ever-increasing market of global viewers. For those looking to justify production of their new video marketing campaigns, here are 15 surprising facts from Websitebuilder.Org you can’t ignore.

15 Surprising Facts About Video & Content Marketing

1) The Average time spent watching content online has nearly tripled between 2011 and 2015. According to statistics, in those 4 years, the average American adult increased watch times by 195%.
2) YouTube, the largest video content sharing site on the planet, has over 1 billion users. Globally, each one of those viewers spend around 9.5 minutes on YouTube per day.
3) Video-based content is growing exponentially. According to Facebook, 90% of their content will be video-based by the end of 2018. Video traffic, by 2019, is expected to make up 80% of all Internet traffic globally.
4) The majority of marketing departments are on top of the trend, moving towards content-based video marketing. In 2016, an estimated 96% of marketers invested in video marketing.
5) Video marketing online is more impactful on its audience, compared to conventional TV. A video has about 50% brand recall compared to TV, which only has around 27% brand recall. Message recall is far superior also, with video recall 2:1, in comparison to TV.
6) A person is much more likely to click on a video ad than traditional HTML banners found online. In fact, CTR (Click Through Rate) is 18 times higher with video ads, compared to their banner style competitors.
7) One third of retailers increased their conversions by 91% with videos. Furthermore, ecommerce stores with more video pages have up to 80% better conversion than similar sites with less video content.
8) Getting high rating on a video used in a marketing campaign can make a huge difference. A 5-star rating on a video correlated to a 276% conversion rate increase over a 1-star rated video.
9) Video content supercharges email campaigns. According to statistics, adding video to your email marketing campaigns generate 2-3 times higher CTR and boost customer loyalty by as much as 35%. Currently, about 60% of marketers use video in their email campaigns, and 82% of them believe it is highly effective.
Facebook Gets More Interactive Shares Than Facebook

Facebook Gets More Interactive Shares Than Facebook

10) Facebook gets more interactive shares of video content than YouTube does. Currently, 90% of marketers use Facebook and YouTube for their campaigns. Of total shares, Facebook receives 59% of total video shares globally, and is the number one place marketers look to go viral with their content.
11) Internet and technology giant, Amazon, is one of the biggest spenders on video content. Amazon is reportedly spending $3 billion dollars on video content.
12) Product videos are the best converting product marketing available in the current marketplace. 73% of customers are more likely to buy after watching a product video. Furthermore, a video viewer on a commerce site is 1.6 times more likely to make a purchase.
13) YouTube’s options for marketing your content are a huge factor in how successful your campaign will ultimately become. 59% of successful video marketers on YouTube use placement targeting and 73% of marketers know about True View ads on YouTube.
14) Short clips work best for video marketing campaigns. For ecommerce, the ideal length of a product video is less than 30 seconds. The sweet spot in terms of video length is around 15 seconds, having 54% ad recall and 42% message recall.
15) Videos generate revenue for companies. According to studies, a 1% increase in active videos by a company, brand or business is worth about $13,000 dollars in revenue per month.
This is just some of the extensive data that proves the incredible value video marketing represents to marketers. With over half the world’s population now online, and e-commerce set to balloon over the next decade, the future for any company is reliant on them engaging customers and driving sales. Video marketing is among the very best tools available to marketers to do just that. Furthermore, the future is looking even more content- and video-heavy, with Facebook expecting 90% of all content to be video in just a few short years and YouTube seeing 50% growth of watch-hour time, year over year.
These 15 surprising facts are just a very quick glimpse into the growing and huge advantages of the video marketing industry, making the need for any business to include video marketing in their marketing plans crucial to success.
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