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Are you a small business in WA and want to know more about how video can be incorporated successfully into your business?

Through Business Station, who are administrating the Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Grant, I’m one of the Perth Professionals, who you can book Workshops and One on One Consultations with for a subsidised price.

I’m proud to be part of an exciting team of knowledgeable professionals, who will be delivering training across a broad scope of skills from video production to business software solutions. The #ASBAS initiative is designed to increase the digital capabilities and capacity of every small business in WA.

ASBAS Reg Sorrell

ASBAS Advisor, Reg Sorrell from Online Videos Perth

All you need to have is an ABN, have less than 11 employees and are not a not for profit, then you’re in!

As a new customer it works like this. (Hopefully)

You register via Business Station’s website, as they are the one’s administering the grant.

Once you register, you’ll be required to fill out a Digital Needs Analysis, so they can understand where you need help. Once in their portal you ONLY book one on one consultations. To  book a seat at a Boot Camp Workshop, you book through Eventbrite.

Are You Serious About Video?

You Need to Be Serious About Video!

The longer you leave it the harder it will get, as you wont be the first in your industry or niche to leverage the power of video which communicates directly to your potential customers.

This Is Not For The Feint Hearted!

If you want to be molly coddled into doing what you really should be doing, these workshops; I’m not for you.

Warning! I will do my damdest to drag you out of your shell, if that’s what you really want. Hence, this is not for the feint hearted.

I’m all about getting you over a hurdle of “I can’t do it” to “Yes I can!”

Here’s how it works.

< Video Goes Here>

Reg’s Video Boot Camp

After attending 4, two hour workshops, not only will you have a much better grasp of how video can be produced and used for your business, but what to do with a video and a YouTube channel ready to go!

To attend Reg’s Boot Camp you need:

  • Smart Device/Camera to record video
  • Microphone that plugs into said device (Not essential for DIY 101, one will be recommended.)
  • Tripod for said device (Not essential for DIY 101)
  • Laptop/Tablet Device
  • Da Vinci Resolve 16 is the recommended editing software. It is totally FREE and a great opportunity to support an Australian business.
  • Logo in .png format with a transparent background
  • YouTube channel – Real easy to set up and saves a lot of time at the Workshop.
  • Can do attitude!

You will be required to complete four separate workshops, usually over 2 day, if I can swing it.

On the last day of the workshop, you will walk away with:

  • 60 – 90 second video of you delivering your Elevator Pitch with graphics, logo and music.
  • A set up YouTube Channel – Optimised and ready to go!
  • Channel Introduction Video
  • A head full of knowledge
  • A heart full of optimism
  • A desire to produce more videos.

Here is a rundown, of each of the four workshops.

Workshop Number One

Let’s Kick Business Goals With Video

(DIY Video Production 101)

All the theory you need to understand before pressing the record button. topics covered include:

  • Purpose
  • Planning Your Video
  • Tips for Your Script
  • Basic Equipment Needed
  • Shoot Day and What to Do
  • Preparing for the edit
  • Basic Camera Operation
  • Capturing Good Sound
  • Basic Lighting
  • How to Shoot a Scene
  • How to Shoot an Interview
  • Preparing for Let’s Shoot a Video (DIY Video Production 201)

Workshops Number Two

Let’s Shoot a Video

(DIY Video Production 201)

In this two hour workshop, you will be pairing up with another attendee and you’ll be recording your “Elevator Pitch”. This will be broken down into different shots and you’ll be filming your partner on their device. Workflow will be explored, in terms of getting footage from device to editing software, then up to YouTube

Topics Covered will be:

  • Your Elevator Pitch
  • Breaking Down Your Script
  • Framing
  • On camera delivery of your script
  • Workflow
  • Preparing for Let’s Edit Your Video (DIY Video Production 301)

Workshops Number Three

Let’s Edit Your Video

(DIY Video Production 301)

We’ll take the footage you recorded in Let’s Shoot a Video (DIY 201) and using non linear editing software (Da Vinci Resolve 16 is recommended for editing software and it’s free) we will edit together your video with images, text and audio and export the video, ready to be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Topics Covered will be:

  • Finding Your Way Around Your Editing Software
  • Understanding your timeline
  • Importing Media
  • Basic editing techniques
  1. Cuts
  2. Transitions
  3. Adding images
  4. Adding text
  • Dealing with audio
  • Rendering
  • Exporting from the edit suite

Workshop Number Four

Grow Your Business with YouTube

(DIY Video Production 401)

In this workshop I’ll explain what you need to do with your channel and videos to give you the best chance of being found on YouTube.

I’ll cover:

• Why Use YouTube

• Your YouTube Strategy

• How To Manage / Optimise your channel

• How and what to upload with your videos

• Thumbnails

• Cards & End Screens

• Call to Action

Once you have completed Reg’s Video Boot Camp, then you get the privilege of booking two, 1on1 Consultations, for a fraction fo the market value.

Once, we both know what you are capable of, then we can discuss a video strategy moving forward. Remember, slow and steady wins the race.

<Video Goes Here>

1 on 1 Consultations

After the Boot Camp, you’ll have such a clearer vision of how video will work for you, we’ll be able to sit down and strategise on where video is best suited to grow your business. Once the light bulb has been lit, the possibilities are limitless.

If you haven’t attended the Boot Camp Program, but would like to book a cons

Advisory Topics

We can chat about anything business related, but here are a few examples to get the brain ticking.

  • How to incorporate video into your sales process
  • Using video to ATTRACT
  • Using video to EDUCATE
  • Using video to CONVERT
  • Platform specific SM video strategy
  • Using video to create company culture
  • How to use video within your online sales funnel
  • Which videos are best to achieve your marketing goals
  • Office Studio Set Up – Equipment and set up optimisation
  • Video production to publishing workflow
  • Incorporating Video into your Communication Strategy

Or any question / topic that you may have.

Everything will be tailored to you, not some templated approach, so this is a massive opportunity to work with me at this tremendously subsidised price.


Ready To Book?

All you have to have to qualify is an

  1. Australian ABN
  2. Have less than 20 staff
  3. Not be “Not For Profit”

Book up to 30 days in advance

Your first consultation is $20 and $40 thereafter!

Step 1 – Register with Business Station as a New Client

Step 2 – Fill Out the “Digital Needs Analysis” Form

Step 3 – Book a 1 on 1 Consultation with me through the Social Media & Digital Marketing Topic

Register Now ASBAS

Register Now for ASBAS Workshops

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