to #ConnectionCouch for more insights, hints and tips on using video on LinkedIn.

#ConnectionCouch is the brainchild of Jo Saunders, from Wildfire Social Marketing and Reg Sorrell, from Online Videos Perth, with the pure mission of helping everyone from CEO’s to students, on how to leverage LinkedIn better.
We are currently on hiatus, but there are plenty of episode to get your teeth into until we return.
Who are the #ConnectionCouch?

Jo Saunders

My own confidence came from finding my voice, getting clear on my values and vision, and giving myself permission to be authentically me on a professional platform. Banish fear of judgement, imposter syndrome and whatever else is holding you back.
My mission is to help experts, change-makers and teams energise your presence, enhance credibility and engage your network through connectfluenceâ„¢ to make an impact. My purpose is to inspire and motivate better connection to self and others. I believe connection is a catalyst for influence.INSPIRATION BREEDS IMPLEMENTATION
As an independent LinkedIn expert, certified trainer and marketing strategist I’m engaged to help you excel.
Visit Jo here :- https://www.wildfiersocialmarketing.com

Reg Sorrell

This is your Social Media Strategy. How are you going to attract people through the door? Think your shop window, how do you attract the eye of the passer by, who happens to be your ideal client?
Now we’re talking. At this stage of your Sales Funnel, they should be on your website. This is where you educate and entertain. Explainer Videos and Demonstration Videos should be your go to videos to start with. They educate your Prospects on how your solution works, meaning they have a better understanding and are more confident in their decision.
This is the pointy end of the Sales Funnel, but your well served with Customer Testimonial and Cart Abandonment Videos. Having someone else sell for you in a Testimonial Video is gold and you personally can’t top it.
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