Demonstration Videos

Demonstration Videos
Sell by Not Selling with A Demonstration Video

Demonstration Videos

Demonstration Videos are excellent at showcasing your product to prospective or existing customers. The premise is to take someone who is unfamiliar with your product and walk them through how that product works and arm with enough information for them to make a buying decision.

It is essentially “Consultative Selling”. This is a term that was coined back in the 1970’s and the focus is on the Customer’s needs, rather than trying to sell the product.

Below, I’ll cover some of the main benefits to utilising a Demonstration Video within your marketing strategy as well as a couple of Client examples and the problems we helped solve.

Benefits of a Demonstration Video

1. Proof Is In The Pudding

Consumers are becoming increased wary of claims made marketing, but at the same time, still need to find solutions to their problems. Demonstration Videos are perfect for this, as it is a live demonstration of the product solving the customer’s problem. Essentially a step by step walk through of how the product solves their problem, allowing the customer to see themselves using the product for the desired outcome.

2. Features and Benefits

I remember going being interviewed for my first Sales job (Good ol’ Ansett) and I was asked to “sell the pencil” the interviewer had in his hand. Without even realising, I launched into the features (ergonomic, 2B) and benefits (less writers cramp, nice dark colour writing) without even realising it. A Demonstration Video explains your features and benefits in a non-sales way. This allows for highlighting specific features and how these simply the process of solving your clients problem.

3. Save Time and Money

By having a Demonstration Video that clearly explains how the product solves your ideal customers problem in a logical and engaging way, means your marketing message is consistent. No more having a bad day, or not feeling motivated, your Demonstration Video works consistently for you 24/7.

4. Better Buying Decisions

Having your prospective customers watch a Product Demonstration Video, means they will be fully informed as the all the features and benefits of the product. Almost conveying a sense of ownership, just like the test drive when buying a car. A better informed customer will make more effective decisions, be able to use/leverage the product and it also reduces complaints and product returns.

5. Introduce New Products Via Email

Product Demonstration Videos are a great way of exposing your customers to a new product line, without being salesy. It is more a matter of fact way of getting a solution in front of a customer without their inner cynic waking up.

6. Increase in Conversions and Sales

The stats prove it, Video Demonstration Videos can increase your on site conversion rates. Zappos found their sales increase from 6% to 30% when a demonstration video was included. found their customers to be 144% more likely to add to cart if a Demonstration Video was included. If you are an eCommerce site and you aren’t using a Demonstration Video, I’d be Googling “cheap video camera” pronto!

Examples of Product Demonstration Videos


ReviseOnline, a relatively new service in the online education space, needed to educate potential customers about the benefits and features of their education portal. With a little consultation, we decided to aim the video at two potential markets, the Teachers and parents. Being a software solution proved no hurdle as this Overview Video shows.

Well Connected

I was approached by Chris from Well Connected, as he wanted a way to show how clever his conversion software for office copiers was. He wanted a way to highlight the features of the conversion software that can convert any hard copy document into Word, Excel, PDF and PPT. We came up with a series of short videos explaining the process for each conversion type. Chris’s Sales staff, now use these videos as a way to book appointments with prospects, with great results.

Halo Medical Devices

Halo Medical Devices had a unique problem, this was a totally new product that no-one had seen or heard of before and they needed to show how easy and accurate it is to use. Again, we produced a series of videos showing the Halo device taking accurate measurements of a few different movements. These videos help Halo Medical Devices attract a lot of attention at a San Diego Medical Expo back in 2013, helping them eventually to get funding.

Product Demonstration Videos are a powerful way of converting more browsers into buyers. Making your prospects more informed and comfortable with your solution can only lead to more sales and more happy customers.

Ideal For Online :- e-Commerce websites, Online Retailers, Start Ups, Crowd Funded Projects
Ideal For Offline :- Sales Teams, Operational Videos, Procedural Videos, Safety Videos

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