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Demonstration Videos are produced with the intent of enlightening the viewer in how a product or service works and ultimately how it benefits them.

Create another touch point on your customer’s journey by allowing them to spend more time on your site and become more acquainted with what you have to offer. This, after all is the ultimate aim. It allows you to build relationships, which can be taken off your website and transferred to social media, where it can grow and you can become front of mind.

By engaging your web visitor with a demonstration video means your not only educating your audience, but by them staying longer on that particular page and longer on your site in general tells Google, that you have a good site with relevant information on that topic and as a result bumps up your Google search rankings.

Demonstration Videos instil confidence in the product or service, as the viewer gets to see it work with their own eyes. Watching it work injects confidence in the product and the business selling surprisingly. It all boils down to having enough confidence in the product to have this video out there proving your claims. Not only does it instil confidence and encourage purchase but it also reduces returns as all questions are answered within the video, leaving no doubt.

Suddenly by giving your sales staff access to the demonstration videos, they turn into sales video. Invite your prospect to their favourite cafe and back up your claims with visual proof, a demonstration video to refute all doubt.

Ideal For Online :- e-Commerce websites, Online Retailers, Start Ups, Crowd Funded Projects

Ideal For Offline :- Sales Teams, Operational Videos, Procedural Videos, Safety Videos

Price from $1 500

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