DIY Video Production Skills


DIY Video Production Skills 


Are you a business owner who can now see the benefit of incorporating video into your marketing?

Do you want to start using video, but don’t know where to start?

Or even which video to produce to help your business?

The you need to learn some DIY Video Production Skills!


Seeing as nowadays we all have a mini TV studio in our pocket and we whip it out at the drop of a hot to get that cute cat of yours doing something cute or even after just being served up a gorgeous lunch to show to friends and family. My advice is, do that for your business! Be in the same mind set as “Oh that will make a great picture or video”. With every social media platform embracing video, even ones that just started out with 140 characters (Vine) it is imperative as business owners to get out her around video and how to get it working for your business.


Online Videos Perth would like to invite you to register your interest in one or both of these Workshops so we can help you understand and benefit from video.


DIY Video Production Skills

In this four hour Workshop, we will take you through all the elements you need to know to make good videos for your business. Starting with:

Purpose – Which video to make and why

Camera 101 – We’ll show you how to get the most from whatever camera you choose to use.

Sound 101 – Great hints and tips of how to get good sound. (Hint, bad sound will put viewers off quicker than bad pictures)

Lighting 101 – Simple tricks that you can use to get nice, even lighting for your videos.

YouTube 101 – We’ll introduce you to a simple YouTube app that will let you record, basic edit and upload to your YouTube channel

We will also recommend some inexpensive kit, that when used will give your business videos boost.

Cost $179


YouTube 101

In this four hour workshop wee will cover every step from:

Exporting your video from your edit suite (Formats and codecs)

Uploading to your channel

Optimising Your Video for Search (Some great hints and tips)

Video Marketing Tips to get your video watched

Cost $179


Here are some Testimonials from the last Workshop:

“Practical Advice – Great Tips” – Simone Rees, So In Time

“Great course to bridge the gap of learning video through doing to improve the quality of the end product” – Wayne Cook, Wayne Cook Coaching

“Reg is a knowledgable video marketing expert who shares his expertise and makes the whole process simple” – Jo Saunders, WildFire Social Marketing

“Thanks Reg for a great info to YouTube, will assist us greatly” – Simon Chadwick – Stride Shoes

“Loved the Workshop. I am motivated to get started” – Natalie Brown – Stride Shoes


Ideal for: Start Ups, business with limited marketing budget, interested in using Facebook LIVE, those who want to engage followers and prospects online, B2C.


Below we have a Contact Us Form, if you would like to register your interest in one or both of the Workshops, please fill it in and we’ll contact you ASAP


If you like to get in touch with Reg, call him directly on 040 171 9859

Thank You.




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