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What Is An Explainer Video?

An Explainer Video, is traditionally a short, 2D, animated video that uses a narrative structure to highlight a solution (i.e. the business) to a problem (i.e. Product said business sells) that a person (i.e. the character in the video) has. Now the engaging animated style of story telling is being used in usually one of three ways. One, attract attention. Two, educate the viewer or three, to increase conversion rate of an action on a webpage.

This short, 2D animated video explainer has a narrative base in order to highlight the problem the viewer has and to present your solution to their problem. It is a quirky, entertaining, yet powerful way of gaining someone’s attention then telling them something that you want them to know.

Embed In Your Website

By embedding your Video Explainer in the page of your website, it allows you the opportunity to share your page as part of your social media campaign. Knowing that when visitors land on your page, they are going to watch your Explainer Video and hear your message. If you have structured your sales funnel properly, every touch point guides them along the journey.

Use your video as a marketing tool to attract attention to your website. Remember Google owns YouTube, who loves video, so your search rankings will improve organically, allowing more people to find you. Share your video on social media and encourage sharing among your advocates, this will see your view count jump exponentially giving your video amazing reach.

Website Traffic

Now you have traffic visiting your page, what do you want your guest to know? What do they need to understand to know and trust you? What action do you want them to take? All these questions can be answered in your Explainer Video. Craft your message carefully, highlight their pain, amplify it, then solve it with your value proposition. Once you have their attention, use it to educate the viewer about how easily you make their life simpler. Gaining their attention can be difficult, so don’t waste it.

After watching a video on a sales page, 96% of people say it was helpful in making a decision! What better way to sway a decision in your favour, than with a simple video.

Your visitor has been through the full cycle now and come out the other end a customer and guess what? Google rewards websites that provide a good visitor experience and they know this by all sorts of metrics including overall time on site. Now Google sends more people your way because the experience was so good! All thanks to your Explainer Video.

Benefits of an Video EXPLAINER?

ATTRACT the attention of your Ideal Client

With the bright colours, movement and an identifiable character in themselves, this short video will hold their attention for 90 seconds.

Drive Targeted Traffic to Your Web Site!

Use it as an advert on the Google Adwords display network and search result network.

Explain in simple terms HOW you solve their biggest problem.

Google ranks time spent on page as an indication of quality. The longer you can entertain, educate or just engage your visitors, Google will love you for it.

Increase Your Website Conversion Rates!

As a tool that can demonstrate the product or service that you’re selling in action, lead your customers every step of the way through the buying process and thank them for doing so, is an invaluable tool.

The list could go on and on, but those are my favourites.

Who Would Benefit from an Video Explainer?

Which Videos Attract, Engage & Convert by Online Videos Perth
Benefits of an Explainer Video

Will it be a Hassle To Get One Made and How Much Will It Cost?

Absolutely not, in fact, we’ve made it super easy for you with our 5 Step Process.

  1. You decide on your Customer Avatar
  2. We write the script together according to a great formula that’s works
  3. You choose the music track (I’ll supply more than one)
  4. I deliver the animated video, which will be approximately 60 seconds in length
  5. One round of minor changes if needed.

It’s that simple, and hassle free as I can make it.

As for price, it depends on how long you would like your video. We recommend 60 seconds or more, but our prices are:

0 -30 seconds – $699

30 – 60 Seconds – $1200

60 – 90 seconds – $1750

If you’re still a little unsure and would like to learn more about Explainer Video Perth, please read one of our blog posts. Either, 15 Reasons To Use An Explainer Video for Your Business or if you are considering going down the DIY route, I would seriously consider my blog post on how to write an effective script for your Explainer Video, called How To Write a Killer Script for Your Explainer Video

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