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With Facebook bringing in Facebook LIVE, the ability to stream your content directly to your potential audience, created a game changer for business. So much so, that no one talks about Periscope, Meerkat, Blab or Google Hang Outs anymore. YouTube, the king of video on the web, repackaged their Google Hang Outs to become YouTube LIVE as they saw the traction that Facebook LIVE was getting. The focus for business has been Facebook LIVE and why? The ease in which you can now broadcast to the world wide web and the attentive audience that awaits you on Facebook.

If you want to take your content marketing to more people, then building an audience through Facebook LIVE is an opportunity ripe for the picking.

As a Studio Director with 1000’s of hours of LIVE TV under my belt, I have the knowledge and experience to give you a solid grounding in how you can take advantage of broadcasting LIVE via Facebook. (Or any other platform for that matter) Having already run this workshop through Business Foundations in Fremantle, this half day of learning will inspire and equip you with the knowledge to broadcast in a professional manner.

In this half day workshop you will learn:
  1. Why Facebook LIVE can be an important strategy for your business.
  2. Expected outcomes for consistent effort
  3. Your purpose
  4. Your Content Strategy – including what to broadcast, your format and your call to action etc.
  5. Basic video production techniques – including equipment, framing and lighting etc.
  6. How To Go LIVE – Foundation, Professional or Elite level broadcasting
  7. Basic smart device features for Facebook LIVE
  8. How to engage your audience
  9. How to promote your broadcast
  10. I will also supply my very own Broadcast Check List, so you are confident you are ready to go LIVE as well as some crucial do’s and don’ts

You will also get access to a Facebook LIVE group, where you can practice your broadcast in a encouraging environment until your are confident to talk to the world.

Next Workshop Date: 27th September or 4th October 2018

If you would like to find out more about the Workshop, please feel free to give me an obligation free call on 0401 719 859. Or, click the “I’m Interested” button below.

Good Luck!


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P.S Not sure if this will fit into your overall strategy, why not book a Video Marketing Audit, where we can assess what you have done, what to drop and what to do for future success.


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