Green Screen Studio

We are excited to announce that Online Videos Perth now has access to a Green Screen Studio for all your video needs.

What is a Green Screen?

A Green Screen is usually a large piece of fabric that is coloured green that is used for the background of the video. During the post production process a process called Chroma Key is used to eliminate the background, which can then be replaced with an image or video of your choice. You may also see a Blue Screen being used, especially in Hollywood movies, but they achieve the same end.

Why Green?

Green was initially used for one reason, it is a lot easier to “key” out as it doesn’t mimic any of the colouring within the human skin and therefore easier to use. You can “key” out any colour you choose, but if your subject wears the same colour, the item of clothing will disappear as well. There is a scene from “Anchorman”, starring Will Ferrell and Steve Carell that explains this with a bit of humour better than I could. (Link at the bottom of the page) Blue has been chosen more recently due to the increased power of technology and the fact that the blue is a softer colour and translates better.

Why Should I Use a Green Screen?

Background Replacement

You would use a Green Screen for a number or reasons. If budgets don’t permit a quick trip to Paris to film a scene, then a green screen can easily replicate a typical Parisian street. Maybe you use video for business and you impart information by talking to camera. If you film in a busy office, then the background can be distracting and take away from your message. Set up your green screen and replace it with a block colour, say white, to get that “Apple” look and feel to your videos. Essentially, you would use the green screen to change the background to something more appropriate.

Here are some images of our easy Green Screen studio set up for Background Replacement.

LIVE Streaming

With travelling for work to attend a conference or professional event is not as easy as it once was. But with Zoom normalising Video Conferencing, we can now set you up in a LIVE green screen and beam you into any event anywhere in the world. Been invited as a Keynote Speaker at an international event but can attend? We can co-ordinate with the event organisers and have you appear LIVE via video conferencing to give your speech or accept your award.

In the photo gallery below, we filmed the Guest of Honour, Mr William Carroll, kick off an international Medical Conference live in Rome from our centrally located studio here in Perth and the whole event was controlled by an middle eastern event company.

Here are some images of our  Green Screen studio set up for Live Streaming.

To give you some examples of our work, here a few videos that we have done using the Green Screen and Chroma Key Technique

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15 Reasons To Use an Explainer Video in Your Business.

Oh, here is the link to the video with Steve Carell as the Weatherman in Anchorman 2, enjoy.

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