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How to Make Your LinkedIn Videos Look Awesome! Pt 2

Welcome back for Part 2 of “How to Make your LinkedIn Videos Look Awesome!”. Part One got a lot of visits, so I wanted to update it, as the LinkedIn video landscape has changed quite a bit. In order to be helpful, I’ll give you my “two bobs worth” on what videos work and why. I’ll explain the type of entry points for using video, the type of kit you should consider, production tips, do’s and don’ts, best practices and an engagement strategy. Phew, that’s a lot, so let’s get started.


Believe it or not, LinkedIn only started accepting native video only a few years ago. Now, they have LIVE video, Stories and don’t actively treat outside links negatively. What does that mean for you as a business that wants to grow their audience?

From my research, video on LinkedIn is a strange beast as LinkedIn users don’t necessarily go to LinkedIn to consume video, unless it is appointment to view video, like a LIVE. Couple that with Content Creators, who don’t really understand how to leverage the video format, or how the platform deals with it. 

Two main factors, I believe are crucial to any success is “Purpose” and “Duration”. Short form content seems to get a lot of views, but these videos always seem to be showing off great engineering feats, how people are amazing or heartfelt human stories. From my experience, most of these videos seem to have been sourced from elsewhere, then uploaded to a profile with no credit to the video creator. Not only is this dishonest, but it doesn’t really add any value, but it does entertain.

LIVE broadcasts, are more suited to longer videos that educate your audience. This is the “appointment to view” type content I mentioned earlier. If you’re LIVE is all about Lead Generation on LinkedIn, then you better be providing value to your audience. LinkedIn encourage you to be LIVE for more than 10 minutes, in order to allow the video to gain some traction. This can be an awesome way to build your audience and position yourself as “The Expert” in your field. LinkedIn loves LIVE video for a number of reasons, one, the longer form content keeps people on the platform longer and they tend to get more engagement as they are seen more as a conversation. But is LIVE video for you? (A more in depth look at LinkedIn LIVE is on the way)

Video on LinkedIn Can Be a Powerful Engagement Tool


The first objective of any video is #StopTheScroll. The second is to hold the attention while imparting value (education or entertainment)

LinkedIn Stories are a great way to tease your audience about upcoming videos, events or LIVES. They are essentially puff pieces that #StopTheScroll, but be warned, don’t try to impart value, or even talk for that matter, as it doesn’t suit the format. (Max Duration is 15 seconds)

Native Video, if you’re consistent, can be a great way to impart value and stay front of mind. Again, you really need to consider the duration, so keeping it to 90 seconds or so, will increase the likelihood of more views. (Max duration is 10 mins)

External links used to be punished by LinkedIn, but only recently have I noticed that they don’t seem to be doing that anymore. YouTube videos play right within the News Feed. If given a choice, I would always upload natively to both LinkedIn and YouTube. That way you can leverage both platforms and use YouTube to get FREE subtitles for your videos.

LIVE broadcasts need to be 10 minutes or longer to really take advantage of the effort needed to produce them. They also need to give away value obligation free.

With video, it is a long term strategy and you need to be consistent to reap the rewards.


If you want to create videos and post them on LinkedIn, then there are really only three entry points. I always recommend starting where you’re most comfortable. 

Newcomer – Uses their smart device for shooting and editing. Limited video production kit.

Intermediate – Uses video or DSLR camera, one microphone and one light. Uses desktop software to record and edit videos.

Professional – Multi camera set up, multiple microphones and lights. Uses desktop software to record and edit videos. Brings in guests and can be mobile if needed.

Video Builds Trust & Crediblity Like No Other Medium
Video Builds Trust & Credibility Like No Other Medium


As I’ve always said, video needs to have a purpose. What should be your purpose or strategy be for using video on linkedin? Why are you going to the effort of making videos? What do you want to achieve? What can you achieve with video on LinkedIn? But the biggest piece of advice I can give is this. Treat LinkedIn like a bank. You have to deposit your content and build up your savings, before you can make a withdrawal.

• Brand Awareness

• Product / Service Awareness

• Personal Branding

• Web Traffic

• Video Advertising (Paid Placement)


• Newcomer Smart device / web cam, microphone, gimbal, tripod, maybe a light.

• Device or desktop editing (DaVinci Resolve and Hitfilm Express are free)

• Native broadcasting

• Intermediate Cam Link, condenser mic, swing arm & pop shield

• Office / Location Set Up

• Single artificial light source

• Non linear editing – HitFilm Express, Da Vinci Resolve

• Broadcast software – StreamYard

• Professional Multi Camera Set Up – For the more professional broadcaster.

• Multiple microphones, for different environments.

• Filming Set / OB Set Up

• Studio Lighting


With every video, plan your content and make sure it fits into your overall strategy / purpose. Working on a flat plane can be a challenge to make your vision interesting, but if you follow some or all of these tips, you’ll be miles ahead of the rest. Remember, there isn’t one magic trick I can show you to make your videos better. It is about little improvements across the production process.

• Video – Foreground, Middle Distance, Background. – By dividing your image into three distinct sections and utilising all three will improve the quality of your vision.

• Wide, Medium, Close Up – Just changing the framing from a wide to a mid shot can help keep your viewer engaged.

• Rule of Thirds – Agin, by splitting the frame into thirds, you can create interesting angles and avoid flat, front on framing of your subject.

• Head Room – By leaving the correct amount of height between the top of your head and top of the frame will not distract your viewer.

• Leading / Dynamic Lines – Using diagonal lines create interest and can lead the eye.

• Audio – Capturing good audio is KEY! A good microphone is a MUST.

• Correct microphone for the setting – Understanding which microphone will work better can make a huge difference.

• Good microphone placement – Understanding where to place the microphone will increase the quality of your audio recordings.

• Record destination – Make sure you have enough space to capture all your takes.

• Lighting – Use natural light as much as you can to ensure even lighting. If using artificial light, start off with one, straight in front of the subject.

• Progress to better lighting (3Point Lighting) when confident.



• Have confidence in your own ability. You know your stuff, but you’re not expected to know everything.

• Get a good USB microphone, consider getting an extension arm and pop shield.

• Have good lighting. Have an artificial light or a window in front of you.

• Consider your background. Less is more, with a hint of interest. Muted ` colours and nothing busy to distract the eye.

• Upload to YouTube before LinkedIn for the subtitles.


• Never ever make a video in your car. I don’t care if you have a fancy car, or escaping the kids, have someone else drive, or you’re just squeezing one out before your next meeting. This has been done to death and is not looked favourably upon.

• If you’re doing a Zoom style video from your webcam, I don’t want to look up your nose. Raise your laptop/webcam up or lower your seat.

• Avoid using green / blue screen unless you know what you’re doing. Use a back drop, rather than a green screen.

• Don’t use a teleprompter as a crutch, it doesn’t look good. Understanding how to set one up will eliminate seeing the whites of your eyes move when reading the script.

• Record your video on your device in landscape mode as it works well on the news Feed as well as a s square video.


• Export your videos from your edit suite in 1920 x 1080, MP4, H264

• Create a thumbnail with a clear title.

• Download your subtitles from your YouTube upload.

• Consider a tagging strategy, this will give your video more exposure.

• Create a text post around your video, provide context.

• Landscape or square video works better than portrait mode

Best Practice for Video on LinkedIn



Fluid Head Tripod for Video/DSLR Camera |

Tripod Adapter for Smart Device |


Rode VideoMic Me | Cardioid Mini Shotgun Microphone for Smart Phones |

RODE VideMic Go | Directional Microphone |


RODE SmartLav | Omni-directional Lavalier Microphone |

Dual Wired Lapel Microphone for Smart Device |

Lapel Mic Adapter | TRRS to TRS |

RODE WIRELESS GO | Wireless Lapel Mic |


RODE NT USB | Podcast Mic |

BLUE YETI USB | Podcast Mic |

PODCAST MIC SWING ARM | Swing arm Only |



Single On Camera Light |

Dual Lights on Stands | LED Lighting |

Ring Light Package | LED Lighting |

Neewer 660 LED Light | Light Only, No Stand |

Light Stand | 2 x Light Stands for Neewer 660 |




Camera Link via USB | Multi Camera Set up |

Green Screen | Large with Frame |

Green Screen | Small, Portable, Fold Out |


While LinkedIn may not be the go to place to consume video content, with a combination of Stories, conventional video and LIVE broadcasting, your ideal clients will be exposed to your content.

Remember, LinkedIn Stories are for the more personal, behind the scenes footage that isn’t News Feed worth. You only have 15 seconds, so ignore audio and be yourself.

Conventional video is a great way to be visible and impart small chunks of value. Keep them to 90 seconds or so and you must provide value, I can’t stress that enough.

Finally, LIVE broadcasting is an awesome way to produce long form content (that LinkedIn loves) that educates your audience. With the added bonus of including your network in the content and leveraging their audience.

Video on LinkedIn is the long game, so making a few videos and expecting new clients to come flooding in is fool hardy. Pick a purpose and publishing schedule that you can keep to and be yourself and be consistent.

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Good luck!☘️

After working in TV both in Australia and in the UK, Reg decided to use his production and story telling skills for good. Helping all business owners get to grips with how video can boost business in all areas has become and exciting part of his life. Outside of work Reg is a keen basketball player and coach and enjoys riding his bike along the river.

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