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How To Increase Conversion

A Landing Page is a dedicated web page that is designed to capture viewers data such as names and emails addresses. Landing Page Videos are produced with persuading the viewer to pass on the their details, in mind. This has been a tactic of Digital Marketers now for a few years and has proved very successful. This contact information that is gathered on the page,after they have watched the video, is added to your email marketing list where you can connect and build a relationship and turn them into clients at the appropriate time. There is only one purpose and call to action for this page, so no other navigation or distractions can be found.

The Landing Page Video is designed to sit smack bang in the middle of that page, connect with the viewer and encourage them to take the next action, fill in the form. It is a lead generation machine! Did you know that there is an 80% increase in conversion, when a Landing page uses a video (Tubular Insights). There should be a whole offline and online marketing effort to drive traffic to the final destination page, the Landing Page. By then these prospects would have travelled down your funnel enough time to have had plenty of touch points, with emails, videos and web pages to be at a point of trust. As an added bonus, if you star in the video yourself, the viewer will get to know and like you, begin to build trust with you personally and at the right time, buy from you.

Landing Page Videos can be used to generate leads for: Reports/Whiter Papers, Subscriptions, Product Launches, Registrations, Consultations, Presentations, Bookings, Expressions of Interest and many more.

Ideal For: Every Marketing Campaign both for B2C and B2C.

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