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With LinkedIn being more than just an online CV, professionals worldwide are using it more and more as a platform to connect, broaden their reach as well as to educate  themselves from those within their own industry. Having a LinkedIn Profile Video allows professionals to be found, to be remembered and to be chosen by potential employers, business partners or investors.


Leveraging video with your LinkedIn profile is the ultimate way to make choosing you the obvious decision. It makes getting to know you, so much easier. You see, video taps into the human psychology of searching out faces and from there deciphering meaning. Your face, your facial expressions, your micro expressions, tone of voice are all deciphered by the brain within nano seconds of seeing apace and hearing a voice. This is known as the Fusi-Facial Form.


Countless people can get to know you from the same video, which makes sure you are putting your best foot forward every time you meet someone new. By leveraging the power of video (make it once, watch it 1000 times) you ensure that your video will introduce you to possibly 1000’s of potential customers or employers. Meaning, you build rapport and the beginnings of a relationships a lot easier as they know you already.


If you would like to read more on the topic, we have a blog post that delves into why you really need to consider a LinkedIn Profile Video.


Ideal For:- Entrepreneurs, business owners, high level management, personal branding, career driven professionals, business opportunities, graduates, job seekers.


Prices start at:


Graduates/Job Seeker Package – $750

Professional Package – $1500

Executive Package – $3000


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