Reg’s Video Boot Camp

Reg’s Video Boot Camp

After attending 4, two hour, #ASBAS subsidised workshops, not only will you have a much better grasp of how video can be produced and used for your business, but what to do with a video and a YouTube channel ready to go!

To attend Reg’s Boot Camp you need:

• Smart Device/Camera to record video

• Microphone that plugs into said device (Not essential for DIY 101, one will be recommended.)

• Tripod for said device (Not essential for DIY 101)

• Laptop/Tablet Device

• Da Vinci Resolve 16 is the recommended editing software. It is totally FREE and a great opportunity to support an Australian business.

• Logo in .png format with a transparent background

• YouTube channel – Real easy to set up and saves a lot of time at the Workshop.

• Can do attitude!

You will be required to complete four separate workshops, usually over 2 days.

On the last day of the workshop, you will walk away with:

• 60 – 90 second video of you delivering your Elevator Pitch with graphics, logo and music.

• A set up YouTube Channel – Optimised and ready to go!

• Channel Introduction Video

• A head full of knowledge

• A heart full of optimism

• A desire to produce more videos.

Here is a rundown, of each of the four workshops.

Workshop Number One


Let’s Discover Video for Your Business

(DIY Video Production 101)

All the theory you need to understand before pressing the record button. topics covered include:

🎬 Purpose

🎤 Planning Your Video

📽 Tips for Your Script

🎬 Basic Equipment Needed

🎤 Shoot Day and What to Do

📽 Preparing for the edit

🎬 Basic Camera Operation

🎤 Capturing Good Sound

📽 Basic Lighting

🎬 How to Shoot a Scene

🎤 How to Shoot an Interview

📽 Preparing for Let’s Shoot a Video (DIY Video Production 201)

Let me give you a brief rundown of what the first Workshop is all about.


Workshops Number Two


Let’s Shoot Your Video

(DIY Video Production 201)

In this two hour workshop, you will be pairing up with another attendee and you’ll be recording your “Elevator Pitch”. This will be broken down into different shots and you’ll be filming your partner on their device. Workflow will be explored, in terms of getting footage from device to editing software, then up to YouTube

Topics Covered will be:

📽 Your Elevator Pitch

🎬 Breaking Down Your Script

🎤  Framing

📽 On camera delivery of your script

🎬 Workflow

🎤  Preparing for Let’s Edit Your Video (DIY Video Production 301)

Let me give you a brief rundown of what the second Workshop is all about.


Workshops Number Three


Let’s Edit Your Video

(DIY Video Production 301)

We’ll take the footage you recorded in Let’s Shoot a Video (DIY 201) and using non linear editing software (Da Vinci Resolve 16 is recommended for editing software and it’s free) we will edit together your video with images, text and audio and export the video, ready to be uploaded to your YouTube channel.

Topics Covered will be:

🎤 Finding Your Way Around Your Editing Software

📽  Understanding your timeline

🎬 Importing Media

🎤 Basic editing techniques (such as transitions, adding images and adding text)

📽  Dealing with audio

🎬 Rendering

🎤 Exporting from the edit suite

Let me give you a brief rundown of what the third Workshop is all about.


Workshop Number Four


Let’s Get Views with YouTube

(DIY Video Production 401)

In this workshop I’ll explain what you need to do with your channel and videos to give you the best chance of being found on YouTube.

I’ll cover:

🎬 Why Use YouTube

🎤  Your YouTube Strategy

📽  How To Manage / Optimise your channel

🎬 How and what to upload with your videos

🎤  Thumbnails

📽  Cards & End Screens

🎬 Call to Action

Let me give you a brief rundown of what the fourth Workshop is all about.




Normally, this program is valued at $875, but as long as you qualify for the #ASBAS grant, then you can access the program at a greatly reduced fee ($35.74 +GST x 4 workshops)


If you would like to attend Reg’s Video Boot Camp, at a subsidised price, then all you have to do (if you haven’t already) is register with Business Station as a new client and answer a few questions so they can ascertain what services advice you may need. (Link is located at the top of their page)

To register, book here:

Register Now ASBAS

Register Now for ASBAS

If you have already registered with Business Station and you’d like to book your seat at one of the workshops, click here: Book Your Spot in an #ASBAS Workshop







If you would like to see a list of upcoming workshops, please click here.


Any questions, please call me on 0401 719 859

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