How to Make Your LinkedIn Videos Look Awesome! Pt 2 12 October 2020

A Comprehensive Guide To Making Your LinkedIn Videos Look Awesome, So Your Ideal Clients Watch More of Your Content. This post is choc full of value with DIY Video Production Tips, What Videos Work and Which Don’t, LinkedIn Video Best Practices, strategy and Kit Recommendations Phew! 😅

DIY Animation Tips For Explainer Videos 28 August 2017

Awesome, you are almost finished your DIY animated video journey, exciting isn’t it.   Previous, I wrote about how you can Write a Killer Script for your Explainer Video.But there is an important step between the script and using your DIY Animation Tips for Explainer Videos. The Voice Over needs to be recorded. All you have to do is source either a male or female voice from the web that you like and instruct them on the particular read that…

The Ultimate Guide To Starting Your Video Blog 28 March 2017

An Easy Start Guide to Your Video Blog Success Do you want to start a video blog? You have a few ideas about what to say and you are pumped full of enthusiasm. Wo there nelly, steady on. You don’t want to rush head long into such a big commitment without thinking it through. Starting in a rush will only lead to your vlog crashing and burning in spectacular fashion. Let me help you get started. I’ve got you covered…

Top 15 Reasons to Use an Explainer Video for Your Business 13 October 2015

Top 15 Reasons to Use An Explainer Video for Your Business   Sorry to bother you. Would you mind putting your petri dish down, fix your hair and stop laughing manically? I have important information that you need to know, I want to tell you about how Explainer Video can be used for Business.   As marketers and business owners we are constantly trying to find ways to get more customers. Whether that is physically through the front door of…

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