How to Make Your LinkedIn Videos Look Awesome! Pt 2 12 October 2020

A Comprehensive Guide To Making Your LinkedIn Videos Look Awesome, So Your Ideal Clients Watch More of Your Content. This post is choc full of value with DIY Video Production Tips, What Videos Work and Which Don’t, LinkedIn Video Best Practices, strategy and Kit Recommendations Phew! 😅

How To Write a Killer Script For Your Explainer Video 10 May 2016

When producing any great video, planning is key. There is no way that all the separate parts that make an effective video will come together and work, unless it has all been planned out. So, within this blog post, “How To Write A Killer Script For Your Explainer Video” I will be covering the template for the script, voice over, music and finally, the animation. All these crafts will come together in post production and you will have an effective,…

I Know I Should Use Video, But Where Do I Start? 23 August 2015

  It always seems to be the first sticking point with most things, doesn’t it? “Where to start?”. If nobody ever got over this hurdle where would we be today? Not in front of any electrical device I can assure you. Video is no different, but admittedly, during this digital disruption we are all experiencing, the lines have become blurred and we are being bombarded with information on a daily basis. So, if you are you a business owner who…

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