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Video Marketing for Trade Directories

Video Marketing for Trade Directories

Video Marketing For Your Trade Directory

Do you run a Trade Directory where your aim is to connect customers with reputable business owners that do the job they promised and not rip off it’s customers?

Is trust a big factor in your success?

Did you know that through video you are able to build more rapport and trust than just through words and pictures!

I want to help you build more trust for your Trade Directory and for your client’s customers using the power of video.



If you choose to White Label our Video Marketing Services for your clients, you can expect the following benefits.

Ability to offer your clients a more complete approach to lead generation.

Create residual income. We are more than happy to offer our services at a very competitive rate, which will allow you the opportunity to add a small margin and increase your bottom line.

With our experience and expertise, we can offer you a couple of different options to monetise your YouTube channel and not through Google adverts.

Video SEO and YouTube integration into your website coupled with your increase and constant uploading of video,s will give your website a better chance than most of being found within Google search.

After a minimum of six months, with the increased traffic and results you will be able to increase your pricing as you are delivering more value to your clients. Plus, with success comes popularity as more tradies will want to sign up to your Trade Directory

Video Builds Trust & Crediblity Like No Other Medium

Video Builds Trust & Credibility Like No Other Medium

What We Can Offer – Your Clients

Let’s start with your client’s as I’m sure that is where your focus will primarily lie.

∆ As part of their Listing, every business who purchases the Video Marketing Package will receive a Business Introduction Video, including a short interview, music, graphics and Overlay footage shot at a location of their choosing. We can also include before and after footage to show off the transformation and Testimonials for happy clients.

∆ Animated branded Video Opener or Closer for all their videos.

∆ Aerial drone footage of their place of business

∆ Video SEO – We will also put the video through our rigorous SEO procedure to maximise your videos chances of being found for keywords that are relative to the business and the location of the business.

What Can We Offer – You

After a quick analysis of your Video Marketing Strategy and YouTube channel, we can clearly see gaps within your content and strategies that you are under utilising or not utilising at all.

∆ From an overall stand point we would take control of your YouTube Video Management System.

∆ We ensure that the channel is optimised for keywords that your web site wants to get ranked for.

∆ Branding is consistent across all visual outlets and devices including channel art, profile images, call to actions end cards and annotations.

∆ YouTube loves Play Lists, so we’d set up and populate Play Lists according to your marketing objectives.

∆ Implement Annotations and End Cards to drive action and traffic to your website and the Listing.

I would suggest giving me a call on 040 171 9859 to arrange a time to meet and chat or fill in the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and I’ll be in touch as soon as possible.I look forward to chatting to you.






If you wanted to know a little more about our White Label Video Marketing Service, please read this.


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