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Video Marketing



Video Marketing – The art of telling a story, or conveying meaning through the digital medium of video. Video is the means by which a business can build a relationship with people and create a following.



Having the ability to create and maintain a relationship with your ideal customers, video marketing should be considered by all business. Whether you’re the corner shop or have head quarters around the world, your customers want to know more about you. Do you source local? Or, are good corporate citizens? The demand for knowledge / content so people can make good ethical decisions is only going to increase.


Our approach to a simplified Sales Funnel, here at Online Videos Perth is:

ATTRACT – We use short sharp videos at the top of your funnel that drives traffic to your website, 30 seconds, max!

ENGAGE – Now we have their attention we educate them on your USP.

CONVERT – Short videos that reinforce a good decision.


I did say simplified, as there may be up to twenty or so ‘Touch Points’ within that overall journey.


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