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Why a Business Introduction Video is So Effective

As I am prone to do, I had run out of ideas and confidence in the sort of content I should be publishing, for me to be as helpful as I can be, to you the lovely reader. To kick my sorry behind over this self-imposed hump, I arranged to have a chat with a sharp-minded friend. After a short lament, I was expecting some support, some sort of “there, there”. But no! I got a look like I had rocked up wearing a mankini and was swiftly told to explain the rationale behind my editing decisions in a recent Business Introduction Video I produced for Morley Tyrepower. Her reasoning is to give the viewer a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of a simple introduction video by explaining the whys.

Please watch this video first, before reading any deconstructive details.

So it goes a little something like this:

The overall objective, i.e. the purpose of this Business Introduction Video, is for the viewer to make a connection with the business owner and put a face to the name of Tyrepower Morley. People who find them are looking to buy tyres, preferably somewhere local. By allowing the viewer the opportunity to build rapport and make that connection with the face behind the business, it will significantly increase the likelihood of being chosen over a business or website that doesn’t have a video.

The video can be broken down into its separate parts.

  1. Set Up (0 – 18 secs)
  2. Interview (18 – 1:09 secs)
  3. Overlay ( 1:18- 1:27 secs)
  4. Call 2 Action (1:34 – 1:59 secs)


Establishing the Business

Firstly, as part of the setup, we have to establish two things. The locality and ownership of the business.

Our first visual is a tilt down from across the street and a second exterior shot. Both of these are framed wide to help locals recognise the location. We are looking for a sense of, “I know where that is”, or “that’s easy to get to,” or better still, “I drive past there on my way to work.”

Now, we are inside the business with the owner at the helm. A few shots here are showing Steve working at the front of the workshop and with a subtle change in the music’s tempo, we see some footage of the workshop and your trusty mechanic working hard.

This is part one completed. We have established the locality of the business and who the owner is; now we move into the second part, which is the interview.

Interview with the Owner

By bringing the questions on screen as graphics, we avoid having an interviewer, but to keep the illusion alive (and the authority that an interview style brings), Stephen directs his answers as if someone is just off camera. We keep it simple and only answer three questions. During this interview section, I shot it a few times and managed to get a wide and mid shot for every answer. For the emotive delivery, or call to action, I used a close up. By being in a close up, it is almost an invasion of your personal space but you really connect with their face because that is what our brains are wired to do; seek out faces and decipher non-verbal communication. It happens without us even realising. If you notice, question three is all mid shots and close ups, as this is where the crux of the message is.

That is part two in a nutshell. We use the interview style to add authority to the message while getting to know the owner.

Infographic on Business Introduction Videos

Reasons To Use an Business Introduction Video


Part three, the overlay, is the part of the video where you hear someone talking but see something else. This technique can be used in one of two ways. Firstly, and this is how it works in the Business Introduction Video, the visuals reinforce the words. So when Stephen mentions his top brands, that’s all he has to say. We then show the branding for all the tyres they stock, which is a more literal translation of the words.

The other way is to compliment the words, by using the visuals and words as two different story telling layers. Even though they may not match, both would be driving the story along from different ends or angles.

Call to Action

With any effective video comes an effective call to action. Here, we actively engage Steve with the camera as he challenges the viewer to test out his customer service. People buy from people and with Steve being charming and giving the viewer a personal invite is surely a recipe for a positive response.


With regards to the music, this particular piece works really well for a couple of reasons. It fits within the desired genres or search terms which was corporate, motivating and upbeat. It has a short introduction, allowing the music to lead the edit decisions in the beginning of the video and is varied enough, without actually going somewhere and distracting the viewer.


Just to recap, we have the four different parts to the video: The Set Up, Overlay, the Interview and Call 2 Action, with each having its role to play in the overall objective.

  1. The Set Up – where we establish the business geographically and we introduce the business owner.
  2. The Interview – adding an air of authority, relationship building and differentiation
  3. Overlay – The visuals reinforce the words – witnessing the great customer service
  4. Call 2 Action – Asking your audience to take the next step – call Tyrepower Morley

An amazing 180 seconds wouldn’t you say? By embedding a Business Introduction Video on your home page you receive a very effective way of introducing yourself and building a little rapport with potential customers, which in some industries, could be the difference between being chosen or ignored.

If you would like to find out more about how a Business Introduction Video can benefit your business, please feel free to get in touch via our Contact Form, or if you prefer the personal touch, give Reg a call at Online Videos Perth, on 040 171 9859.


After working in TV both in Australia and in the UK, Reg decided to use his production and story telling skills for good. Helping all business owners get to grips with how video can boost business in all areas has become and exciting part of his life. Outside of work Reg is a keen basketball player and coach and enjoys riding his bike along the river.

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