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Why Choose Online Videos Perth For All Your Video Production Needs In Perth?

Choosing a service professional for your Perth-based video productions can be an extremely confusing decision to make, so we have mapped out why you should choose Online Video Perth.

We Guide All Our Clients

We guide all our clients through the whole process, from start to finish. Together we decide which video will work best to achieve your goals and we ensure that you, the client, understands the why, what and how of video production.

Align with Our Clients

We believe it is important for us to totally align with our client’s aims or objectives. That way, we buy into what our client wants to achieve and we strive to achieve that with them.

We Moderate

By understanding how video can work for business, we can recommend the best option for you to meet your objectives. We will keep your end game in mind and we will always recommend the right course of action for you, regardless of popular opinion.

Tactical Advice

Not only do we help you decide which video will meet your objectives, we will also give you sound video marketing advice in order for you to get as much from your video as possible. Making the correct video, is step one, getting people to watch is step two and we can advise on how to market your video effectively.


Working backwards from the end result ensures you always have the big picture in mind. Essentially you are looking to attract, engage or convert your viewers.


Choosing the correct type of video through to complete visualisation of the project means your production is well looked after from start to finish.


Using the latest digital equipment and engaging with top creative’s in their field, means your project will succeed and exceed expectations.


When we have the finished video we can upload and embed it in various sites to maximise viewership and the call to action and measure our ROI.

Our Portfolio Online Videos Perth produces videos that help their clients attract, engage and convert website visitors

  • Explainer VideoPackages

    Explainer Video


    A short, 2D animated cartoon that simply conveys a message using a basic narrative structure.

    A truly versatile video in your playbook. This simple story telling method is a great way to explain your value proposition quickly and in an engaging manner. Depending on your call to action, it can be great for both attracting and engaging with your audience.

    Ideal for :- Start Ups, business with a complicated business model, for those in need of some online attention.

  • Corporate VideoPackages

    Corporate Video


    A Profile or Promotional video is used to create some understanding about what a business is all about. Telling your business story allows others to get to know you.

    Fantastic way for your prospects and clients to get to know, like and trust a business. The story behind the business allows people to connect with your staff, understand your story, your values and your overall mission.

    Ideal For :- Start Ups, B2B, B2C, professional services, Fortune 500, training organisations, clubs, organisations.

  • Testimonial VideoPackages

    Testimonial Video


    A short, talking to camera video, that allows a client, advocate or raving fan to express how good a product, service or business is.

    One of the great, but seldom used sales video. When you say it about yourself, it is bragging, but when someone else says it, it’s true! By targeting sticky points with your sales process, you allow your raving fans do the selling for you. Psychology and social proof all rolled into one powerful video!

    Ideal For :- E-commerce, online retailers, professional services, start ups, trades, any business that sells.

  • Demonstration VideoPackages

    Demonstration Video


    A short video that explains in a step by step way as to how a product or service works.

    By demonstrating your product or service, you immediately instil confidence in what you are selling as viewers get to see the product or service working, it answers questions, it reduces returns and overall increases conversion.

    Ideal For :- E Commerce, online retailers, start ups, crowd funded projects

  • Landing Page VideoPackages

    Landing Page Video


    A short engaging video that drives conversion for a single product or service by sitting on a dedicated web page that is only about one product or service.

    This lead conversion machine is the perfect accompaniment for any business that wants more; more sales, more leads, more attention.

    Ideal For :- Start Ups, sales, promotions, B2C, B2C,

  • Social MediaPackages

    Social Media


    A video of any length that engages with a fan or follower online. These can vary from single address to camera, to professionally produced profiles, all with the express intent of engaging viewers through social media.

    By talking directly to fans and followers, you can achieve your chosen outcome from attracting new followers, sharing content, liking and subscribing to actual buying decisions.

    Ideal For :- Start ups, those with a minimal marketing budget, B2C,

Our Clients If You Say It, It's Bragging, But If Someone Else Says It, It's True!

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