Video Marketing Packages For Results

Video Marketing Packages for Results

Video Marketing Packages for Results

Video Marketing Packages For Your Marketing Goals

Deciding on your video marketing strategy can be an exciting task as you visualise the results, but sometimes you need more than just a one off video. Online Videos Perth has three Video Marketing Packages that aims to provide awesomely priced deals that will help you drive results. Other video production and marketing firms also offer package deals, but where we differentiate ourselves is that our packages are steered towards results, rather than just providing you with a certain number of videos a week or month.

Our goals are simple, video is an amazing marketing tool and we design our videos to perform one of these three goals.


Driving traffic to your website or social media platform is the first step in your online success. Only once you have the attention of the eyeballs can you then start to engage with them and guide them through your sales funnel, all the while giving value. Is your business a secret? Of course not, get started using videos to ATTRACT attention to your web site.


Once you have visitors at the destination of your choice, only then can you start to build rapport and eventually a relationship. This relationship is key if you want to stay front of mind until they decide to buy and then, you will be the obvious choice. This is a great opportunity to tell your story and allow your prospect to buy into you what you represent as a reputable business.


This is the pointy end of the process and where you make sales, so it is really important that in the previous two steps flow into the conversion process. By now they know about you and your product/service but need a little more reassurance that it is the right decision to do business with you. Here we build on the social proof, customer testimonials and levels of customer service to encourage the sale and avoid post purchase regret.

Below we have a list of our packages, what they include and prices. Please feel free to get in touch for an obligation free chat as we would be more than happy to put together a package that suits you. Call Reg on 040 171 9859 or email


Online Videos Perth's Video Marketing Packages

Online Videos Perth’s Video Marketing Packages

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