Interactive Videos

What is an Interactive Video?

The term “Interactive Videos” “usually refers to a technique used to blend interaction and linear video.

But what are Interactive Videos? They allow you to add clickable elements into your video, transforming it more into a web page, than a video.

A clickable link can lead you to another part of the same video, another video entirely or a page from your website. You can even collect email addresses right from within the video.

Benefits of an Interactive Video?

? Achieve marketing, communication or educational goals.

? Engaging and compelling video content.

? Improves Viewer Retention.

? Increases Information Retention Rate.

? Keeps viewers accountable.

? Fun.

? Drives conversions through interactive calls to action.

? Increase organic SEO for your website.

How Do I Interact with an Interactive Video?

?? Hotspots: clickable areas within a video; these buttons can take a viewer to a separate web page or reveal content directly within the video, like merchandise pricing.

?? 360 views: the ability for a user to drag the screen within a video frame to see in all directions.

?? Branches: different paths a user can take to control and customise the content they see.

?? Data inputs: form fields through which a user can enter information like their name, age, etc.

?? Quizzes: combining buttons and branching to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalised result at the end of the video.

How Can I Use Interactive Videos Within My Business?

? They can be used at any stage throughout your Sales Funnel.

?Qualify leads with filtering questions.

?Training Videos.

?Fun quiz like videos for top of the Funnel videos.

?Client Onboarding.

?How To Videos.

?Post purchase product / service customisation.

?Product / Service User Manuals.

?Customised Reports.

Can I See Some Examples In Use?

Of course you can!

Interactive Demonstration Video

Click here to see a working example. The purpose of this Interactive Video, was to show how to adjust the trays and how to take a good impression. This was critical in reducing the number of returns.

Interactive Report Videos

Click here to see a working example. The purpose of this Interactive Video was to deliver a focussed Financial Report for individual clients.

Interactive User Manual

Click here to see a working example. The purpose of this video is to create an Interactive User Manual, to increase the ease of operation and cut down customer frustration.

Interactive Tour Video

Enjoy a visit to a proposed project for Leap Start Childcare Centre. The purpose of this Interactive Video is to allow parents to navigate the video and only watch the videos that related to them.

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