Business Introduction Video

What Is A Business Introduction Video?

An Business Introduction Video is an awesome way for your web visitors to get to know you as a business owner and how your business can help them.

What can Business Introduction Video do?

This short two minute video (approximately) will introduce the business geographically so local residents can understand exactly where the business is located; this allows them to overcome one obstacle in the decision making process. We then allow the viewer to build rapport with the business owner through seeing and hearing the owner talk. The final part is we “interview” you, where you get to answer a few questions that lets the viewer understand how you can solve their problem. The “Interview” lets us pre-plan the questions, gives you a structure of what to say on camera and adds credibility

where does Business Introduction Video live?

By embedding your video on your website, allows you the opportunity to share your page as part of your social media campaign. Knowing that when visitors land on your page, they are going to watch the video and hear your message which all goes towards building that all important relationship.

Remember … “Viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video compared to 10% when reading it in text. (Insivia)”

how do they find it?

Once produced the Business Introduction Video will be uploaded to your fully optimised YouTube channel. We will then proceed to optimise the video for search results that your IDeal Client will be typing into Google.

When done correctly, the video itself should turn up as a search result on Google and your Ideal Customer can view the video, right there in the search engine results page (SERPS).

Price from $1490

Are you in a competitive industry where a personal connection with your customers can make the world of difference?

Do you want to build a relationship with your web visitors?

Ideal for: Franchise businesses that rely on a geographical market, start ups, educating visitors about your value proposition, B2C business.

If your business needs a Business Introduction Video, but are still a little unsure and would like to learn more, please read of one of our blog posts, here.

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Good Luck!

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