Video Marketing For Financial Planners

Video Marketing for Financial Planners
Video Marketing for Financial Planners

Video Marketing For Financial Planners

Until now, growing an audience online through SM has just been too hard for Financial Planners. But with a change in the industry and the embrace of video, this is all about to change.

Compliance has always been the biggest hurdle to any Social Media presence for Financial Planners. If you’re inclined, once you’ve waded through the Bog of Compliance, you are then confronted by Fog of Content Creation. You think you know what you’re doing, but you don’t really and eventually you give up.

By niching down and freely sharing information to educate and your experiences to entertain, then you will build an audience. With a platform like LinkedIn just waiting to be taken advantage of when it comes to a clean space (No one is standing out) and video, Financial Planners and Advisers should be all over Video Marketing.

Our monthly Video Marketing Packages allows you to build connections with people that over time time become trusted relationships.

LinkedIn will allow you to build an audience, or in LinkedIn terms, Followers. Followers are then invited to Webinars where they now become Prospects. Video marketing is an effective Sales Funnel for Financial Planners.

What’s On Offer?

60 Minute Strategy Session For Financial Planners

A face to face meeting where we sit down and work out the purpose of the videos, the type of content and who will be presenting it. To get your Video Marketing off to the best possible start, we’ll ask such questions as:

  • Who do you want to communicate with? 
  • What message do you want to communicate? 
  • Through which videos do we have the best chance to get their attention?
  • How do we monitor success?
  • Once they watch the video, what do we want them to do?
  • Individual Planner objectives.
  • Individual Planner values, Mission Statement etc.
  • Which platforms to publish on?
  • How to compose a good Social Media Post?
  • Once published, what is the engagement strategy?
  • Video script structure, to make writing your videos easier.
  • Industry Events/Dates
  • Possible filming opportunities.
  • Review of Social Media Digital Footprint.
  • Evaluate SMART KPIs
  • Three Month check up.
  • Six Month Review and Appraisal.

4 Hour Filming Session Per Month For Financial Planners

Location Based Only

A Videographer will be provided to record the predetermined videos that fit into your Educational Video strategy. This will be one session consisting of a maximum of four hours.

HD Equipment

All equipment used to record the videos will be HD broadcast quality. This includes camera, lights and editing software.

Extra Footage for Profile Video

In order to deliver the promised amount of scripted Profile Videos, we will need to readdress the delivery schedule. In order to have filmed enough footage to produce a professional Profile Video, it will need at least 3 production days over three months to have enough footage to complete the video.

Script and On Camera Direction

During the Strategy Session, I will cover Script Structure and on the day of filming, I’ll be there to guide and direct you to get the best possible delivery. Cue cards or Teleprompter are two possible options.

3 and 6 Month Strategy Check Up

At two stages through the six month campaign, we’ll sit down and take stock of how the strategy and content is going an look into any possible changes etc.

90 Second LinkedIn Square Videos

The branded, 30 – 90 second videos are designed to give away valuable information for free in whatever niche the Planner or niches the company want to specialise in. They can be filmed in a boardroom, at a desk or reception area, even a park bench, they key is good information and a friendly disposition. This is where the gold is, for your Ideal Clients anyway. Be free with your information and experience and authentic with your delivery and people will appreciate your candour and honesty and at the very least Follow you, maybe even recommend you to a friend.

Square video (1:1) has proven to be the aspect ratio that LinkedIn prefers as it takes up more room in both their desktop and mobile feed.

90 Second YouTube Videos

These videos are exactly the same as the square LinkedIn videos, these ones are horizontal or landscape in orientation. (16:9) They will be uploaded to your channel and optimised for search. This gives you the double effect of leveraging the LinkedIn and YouTube algorithm. Cast a large net using YouTube and Google Search, showing up to those who prefer to search for their own solutions. With a more streamlined approach on LinkedIn, targeting a more specific, professional audience.

60 Second Profile Video

These videos are designed to highlight different aspects of the business or personnel. It may purely be about the range of services that one firm offers or how personalised the Customer Service is Perhaps a Client Testimonials are also a good option to consider, either way, this is the opportunity to highlight an aspect about your business that stands out.

Testimonial Video

The best way to sell is to have someone else do it for you. It goes from boasting to facts in a split second. That is why Testimonial Videos are one of the greatest videos to use when it comes to persuasion. They are more credible that a written one, more sharable on Social Media and more importantly, they build TRUST. Nothing is more important in any relationship, than trust.

Webinar Live Streams

Scheduled for every two months, these Webinars are designed to be a direct Lead Generation strategy. Three topics will be chosen and each Presentation should last a minimum of 30 minutes. This will be conducted through LinkedIn Live allowing us to get a list of everyone who attended.

Interactive Report Videos

This is the latest trend (that has been around for a while) that allows non linear exploration of a video, or many videos that is down to the decision making of the viewer. Think, “Choose Your Own Adventure” books, for those that are old enough.

We film several videos at the end of each quarter and give performance reviews of Investment groups.

Below is an example of an Interactive Report Video. Use your mouse to navigate through the video, choosing what you want to watch.

These videos are designed to deepen the relationship with current clients, as this is visible only on your website and accessible only via invitation. These videos are also repurposed into searchable content for YouTube, enhancing your visible position within the Finance Information Industry.

What Are the Different Packages?

Why Choose the TRUST Package?

The TRUST Package is for independent Financial Planners or for small firms with two or three Planners on staff. The TRUST Package consistently places you front of mind with one video per week for six months, that educate your Ideal Clients about your niche service. The purpose of these videos is for your audience to build TRUST in your knowledge and experience.

Why Choose the VISIBILITY Package?

The VISIBILITY Package is for medium sized to larger Financial Planners that want to leverage their consistent video content into lead generation. The purpose of these videos is for your audience to build on the trust already established and deepen those relationships. To the point that when they are ready to engage a Financial Planner, they either give you an email address through your website, or they register for a Webinar on LinkedIn.

Why Choose the COMMUNITY Package?

The COMMUNITY Package is for larger Financial Planning forms that understand new clients can come from Lead Generation strategies and through quality referrals from existing clients. Reaching out to new clients through education videos and guiding them through your Sales Funnel with Webinars is a successful strategy, but so is nurturing current relationships and providing a real “Personalisation” of Customer Service with Interactive Report Videos takes to to a whole different level.

Each Package is based over a minimum of a 6 month period. We have found that consistency is more important than the quantity when it comes to results.

These Packages Are Not For You If

• You aren’t clear on Your Customer Avatar.

• You are unsure of your marketing objectives.

• Unprepared to put in effort around the videos when it comes to Social Media posting.

• You are not convinced that video works.

• You aren’t in it for the long haul.

• You expect quick results.

• You think video is a cure to all your complaints.

If you’d like to speak to Reg directly, please call his mobile (check Footer) fill in the Email Contact Form below and I’ll be in touch as soon as I can.

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