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5 Out of the Box Marketing Strategies for Financial Planners/Advisors

5 Out of the Box Marketing Strategies for Financial Planners/Advisors

Scrolling through LinkedIn the earlier today, I came across an interesting post by Gabrielle Percic, who is in the Funds Management / Headhunter space. She was pondering the state of the marketing for the Funds Management industry. Allow me to quote the first paragraph.

“It’s not controversial to say that the funds management industry in Australia is pretty old-school when it comes to marketing and distribution tactics.”

Gabrielle Percic – Capital Executive Search

She goes on to point out the absence of any real Social Media strategy from the Planning/Advising Industry and that it needs to change its mindset when it comes to a social outbound strategy.

I’ll link the post here, it’s worth a read: 

LinkedIn Post by Gabrielle Percic

But with industry regulation, competition and so many more digital options available, it is important for financial planners to stand out and differentiate themselves from other financial planners in the market.

So, how do you do that?

Not quite ready for social media just yet? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.

Here are my 5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas for Financial Planners/Advisors

1. Improve Your On Hold Message

Have you thought about your clients when you put them on hold? What are they listening to, elevator music, or worse? Employ a bespoke service to write and record your on hold message, or better still, write it and voice it yourself. Don’t sell in the message, enlighten and entertain, just don’t bore them to death. Enlighten them with the products or services you offer, give some company history, tell them about how awesome your staff are or highlight a client achievement.

2. Movie Theatre Night

In Perth you can hire the Back Lot Cinemas in Leederville, where you can show any movie of your choice, have a karaoke night or Host a games evening. This is about getting your clients in the theatre/room and maybe asking them to bring a friend who may need your help. It is a social event, so make it look and feels as if it is, have fun. The more smiles the better.

5 Out of the Box Marketing Ideas for Financial Planners

3. Sponsor a Youth Sports Team

As a ex President of a Junior basketball club, I personally love this strategy. If your daughter or son plays in a sports team, consider sponsoring a team or the whole club. A few hundred dollars may not mean much to you, but to a junior sports club, that could mean subsidised uniforms, more equipment or underprivileged kids actually get to play. Yo’d be surprised how many eyes will see your logo on the back of a shirt.

4. Donate To Charities on Your Client’s Behalf

This has the “All Round, Feel Good Factor” doesn’t it? This could be done without any fanfare and when the timing is right, let your client base that you have donated money to a particular charity on their behalf and this is all due to the good work they do. Or you could ask your client base through a Poll on what cause / charity they would like to support.

5. Family/Couple Event Days

This social outing can be aimed at different client segments. Golf / Race Days may suit both male and female Boomers, but a more experience led activity would suit Millennials better. Perhaps embrace a mobile centric view with the event with QR Codes / Information / Hidden section etc. Maybe even gamification of the event if you’re brave. The idea is to get your clients participating in a group social activity in order to relax and get to know their Advisor and some other clients.

So, there you have it, five out of the box strategies that will engage your clients and prospects. Building relationships both at work and socially is vital to establishing solid rapport with your clients. The only thing that is missing is you. Would you consider any of these strategies to engage your clients and prospects? Which one would you try first?

Maybe you’d prefer a more web focussed strategy, perhaps an Explainer Video or Product Demonstration is more your style, if so, follow the links to learn more.

If you found any ideas given here useful in any way, I’d appreciate if you shared this Blog Post on your favourite social channel.

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Good luck.


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