11 Amazing Benefits of an Interactive VIdeo


11 Amazing Benefits of an Interactive Video

What is an interactive video?

The term “Interactive Video” “usually refers to a technique used to blend interaction and linear video.

But what is Interactive Video? If you’ve unsure, or never heard of it, allow me to set out a simple guide as to what it is and how you can use it effectively within your business.

While Interactive Videos are not brand spanking new, up until now it has been the domain of big business. The videos have usually been paid for by advertisers, grants or sponsorship, but that is all about to change.

Why Use an Interactive Video?

As internet access and data speeds increase, Interactive Videos will definitely be more prominent within digital marketing. 

? 70% of Marketers say interactive video engages audience “well” or “very well” and 

? 68% of Marketers believe it will become a more important aspect of their strategy.

With traditional or linear video, you click play and watch the video from beginning to end. Apart from pause, fast forward, rewind and start again, viewers have very limited interaction with the video.

An Interactive Video, gives the viewer the ability to interact with the video content itself through a variety of tools. Users can click, drag, scroll, hover, gesture and complete other digital actions to interact with the video’s content, similar to the way they’d interact with web content.

How Do Interactive Videos Work?

There are several different functionalities you can build into an interactive video, but the most commonly used options include:

? – Hotspots: clickable areas within a video; these buttons can take a viewer to a separate web page or reveal content directly within the video, like merchandise pricing

? – 360 views: the ability for a user to drag the screen within a video frame to see in all directions

? – Branches: different paths a user can take to control and customise the content they see

? – Data inputs: form fields through which a user can enter information like their name, age, etc.

? – Quizzes: combining buttons and branching to deliver an assessment and reveal a personalised result at the end of the video  

These tools create a more fun and engaging experience for the viewer and turn a potentially static video into something more memorable, enjoyable and interactive.

These tools create a more fun and engaging experience for the viewer. Turning a static medium into something much more interactive, enjoyable and memorable experience.

Interactive Video is quickly becoming a well established and widely used marketing tool. Here are some stats to back that up.

? 20% of Marketers say they’ve used it.

? Out of those marketers, 78% found it to be an effective strategy.

? On top of that, 28% they would use Interactive Videos moving forward.

Those numbers will only increase as brands explore different tactics and when they work out which techniques resonate with their target audience.

11 Amazing benefits of an Interactive Video. 
Interactive Videos have many positive attributes, but I have chosen 11 to feature in this blog post.
Touch Screen Interactivity

As you consider whether Interactive Video is right for your business, here are 11 of the amazing benefits of an Interactive Video

1. Interactive Videos Are Popular!

As internet access and speeds increase Brands will create Interactive Videos more and more. It’s popularity is reflected in brand and consumer behaviour. Interactive Video now accounts for 36% of all video produced and consumers have responded with increased engagement rates; 44% of viewers will watch a video longer.

2. Interactive Videos Are Trackable!

Marketers have often found it hard to argue for video as the views were really the only metric available. (Retention rate is not included) Now, Interactive Videos have powerful metric tracking. You can now track clicks within a video, analyse different paths taken with branching, collect data with video form fields, and much more.

3. Interactive Videos Are More Engaging!

When watching a linear video it is easy to get distracted. How many of use use more than one device at a time? (Apparently 87% of us do) Interactive Video turns passive learning into active learning. Creating a “game like” experience grabs your viewers attention which results in a 591% increase in user activity. Can you afford to pass that up?

4. Interactive Videos Convert!

Interactive Videos converts browsers into buyers higher than any other type of video. If you consider Google Display Ads convert at rates of less than 1%. They are blown out of the water by Interactive Videos as they convert at around 11%.

5. Interactive Videos Are More Memorable!

Even if a viewer doesn’t interact with your video, they are 32% more likely to remember your brand. The simple fact that a viewer can interact with the content only adds to your content/brands ability to be remembered.

6. Interactive Videos Delight The Viewer!

On top of the hard data points above, interactive video is simply a more enjoyable than linear video. It’s a great way to add a moment of delight to the user experience as your viewers explore an interactive story and learn more about your brand, all while having fun.

As the bounds of Interactive Videos are limitless, let’s consider some best practices so you can get the most out to your Interactive Video.

7. Interactive Videos Use Interaction Thoughtfully!

Great Interactive Videos don’t happen by chance. They are intentionally designed to make the most of the opportunities. Just like any good product or website, the User Experience is essential to enhancing that experience. Not just for the sake of having clickable links.

8. They Use Gamification!

Interactive video gives marketers the ability to gamify a video experience in a way linear video could never do. This technique is called branching, or creating multiple content pathways for a user to create a unique experience they select themselves. The Interactive Explainer Video above uses multiple options for the viewer, creating a unique experience dictated by the viewer.

9. They’re Engaging and Entertaining!

Great marketing doesn’t just sell stuff! The content should be enjoyable and entertaining regardless. If you can think of your favourite advert, the chances are it is because it was funny, amusing or entertaining. Interactive Videos can take this to a whole new level.

10. They Let The User Be Part of the Story!

One of the greatest aspects of video is the ability to tell a story. Interactive Videos can blast your storytelling into the stratosphere. Your viewer can become a character within your video, allowing them to make decisions and affect how the story pans out. This is unprecedented in the works of digital media.

11. Interactivity Drives Conversion!

When used correctly within your Sales Funnel, an INteractive Video can syphon your Prospect to a web page or a point in the video, where you can collect email addresses. Then, with some clever automation have those addresses emailed to your CRM and you’ve started to build your list of leads.

Conclusion on Interactive Videos!

Interactive video is a non-linear, gamified media that lets users click, drag, scroll and interact with video content. It’s a popular, trackable and highly effective way to convert users and help you reach your marketing goals. As you’re formulating concepts for your interactive video, remember to follow these best practices:

1 Use interaction thoughtfully: Design the user experience of the video as carefully as you would a website or app.

2 Gamify the user experience: Use the interactive tools available to you to create a game-like experience where the viewer can choose their own destiny.

3 Be entertaining: Don’t just talk about your brand. Add value and create a fun experience for your viewers.

4 Let the user play a part: Craft a powerful plot and make your viewer feel like they have a role in your brand’s story.

If you’re still a little unsure and would like to learn more about Interactive Videos , please read one of our blog posts. 

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