Interactive Tour Video

You have spent, thousands, if not hundred of thousands of dollars building or setting up your amazing business, but up to now, your best efforts really haven’t been able to promote the essence of your facility and show it off to it’s best.

Perhaps you encourage clients to “Book a Tour” to “see for yourself”, but due to time constraints, your Ideal Clients don’t really have the time to come and check you out.

How do you give your time poor Ideal Clients a tour of a lifetime around your awesome facilities without impinging on their tight daily or weekly schedule?

The easy answer is, an Interactive Tour Video.

Guide them by the hand and let them explore, at their will, the facilities you are so proud of.

You could be a:

• Childcare Facility

• Indoor Play Facility

• Entertainment Facility

• Hospitality venue

• Showrooms

• Exhibition Centre

• Registered Training Company (Industry niche perhaps)

• Building company

The list is endless and they all could all benefit from an Interactive Tour Video.

An Interactive Tour Video is simply a video that gives the viewer the control to navigate the whole video, in any order they choose. Think of each video as a chapter in a book and you can read any chapter in any order.

Below is an example of what is possible using footage from a previous project. The look, feel and navigation system can all be customised to your brand style.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to how you represent your company / brand in an Interactive Video.

Allow them to know, like and trust you, all from one video on your website. If you’d like to learn more about Interactive Videos, click here.

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