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Having worked in television for most of my professional career, I decided to start Online Videos Perth back when I was working for the UK’s biggest shopping channels, BidTV. During that time I was a Studio Director and realised two things, one, that TV (video) is a very powerful medium as we sold thousands of items that you didn’t really need. Two, technology allows us to have the internet and video in our pocket and this was going to change business in a massive way. This later became known to me as Digital Disruption, check out this awesome video by Deloitte, that explains it succinctly.

I was living in London at the time and was missing Perth and my friends, so I took the bold step of relocating to Perth to start Online Videos Perth and bring my family out.

Having used my TV super powers for evil and not for good (I’m only joking … a little bit) I realised that it wasn’t who I am and I wasn’t comfortable making lots of money for a faceless corporate entity. I want to be able to use my powers for good, for the benefit of all business, to help them make more money. Being able to tell engaging stories for great companies that I would like to do business with is what keeps me motivated.

As businesses we should be looking for friends online, not customers. We have relationships with friends; we sell to customers and that is the change we all must make, to foster relationships with our customers and prospects.

Outside of my work I am a keen father to my son, I play basketball a couple of times a week as well as coach kids basketball for the Maylands Magic Basketball Club. I also enjoy riding my bicycle whenever I can, even if it is just to pick up my son from school.

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