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Video Search Engine Optimisation

Video Search Engine Optimisation for your Business Videos

Video SEO

What is Video SEO Reg and is it really needed?

Video SEO or (Video Search Engine Optimisation) is the process of optimising your videos to be ranked in search engine results page (SERP) for relevant keywords. By optimising your video, you have a higher chance of your video being found when someone searches for your keywords.

If you want to take your optimisation to the next level, optimising your YouTube channel would be the next step.

Yes, with video already taking the leap forward into Interactive Video, leaving it any longer to start will really be to your competitor’s advantage.

Video Search Engine Optimisation

Where are you choosing to host your video? Can’t decide between YouTube and Vimeo?

If you position yourself correctly online and maybe you want to use the search algorithm to your advantage, then YouTube. If you are a little bit more artistic and want your films to look better than YouTube provides (and I do understand), then Vimeo is for you.

I believe the opportunity is on YouTube and to position your business as the place to go online to acquire knowledge. Your ideal customers are typing into YouTube every day, “How to …?

Example, someone in Morley types in “How to fix a tyre” and guess what pops up? Steve Vella from Morley Tyrepower does and he has a couple of videos showing how to tell if you need to change your tyre, easy ways to get good leverage and change a tyre quickly and some super easy tyre maintenance. Steve is coming from a position of expertise and is selling by not selling. He is sharing his expertise and helping you for free. Who will stick in the memory of someone looking to buy tyres, Steve, or a line of text on a search results page? Steve, from Tyrepower Morley.


Either Way, here are 5 starting points for your YouTube videos.

• Title – Search and keyword friendly

• Description – Using timecode and keywords

• Tags – Useful search terms

• Cards – Placement and Minor Call To Action

• End Screens – Major Call to Action


If you’d like your videos to reach more of your target audience organically, then consider Video Search Engine Optimisation for your videos.


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