Video Marketing Audit

Video Marketing Audit

Video Marketing Audit

How We Complete Your Video Marketing Audit


Too much of a good thing doesn’t do anybody any favours and video is the same, too much of bad video, misdirected video, or down right embarrassing video will cause you problems. Here at Online Videos Perth, we can perform a Video Marketing Audit on your approach to marketing and get you on the better path to effective video marketing.


If you’re a business that is racking up a good sized video library, but some footage is gathering dust, or you have only just ventured into using video, then our 6 Point Video Marketing Audit will identify areas where you need to concentrate your efforts on or new directions to explore, all the while giving you the best possible advice so you can use video to attract more, higher paying clients. Whether you need more clients at the top of your Sales Funnel or you want to increase your conversions rate, we can highlight ways in which you can use video to push your business forward to better results.


How Will a Video Marketing Audit Benefit Your Business?

Reassessing your efforts and doing a clear out every now and then can be cathartic and provide fresh inspiration for the journey ahead. Conducting a Video Marketing Audit can help you realise wasted efforts and bring your video’s objectives into line with your overall strategy. There are man other reasons to conduct a Video Audit and here are a few more.

  • Find the weak videos that could be doing more harm than good to your brand.
  • Uncover that forgotten gem that may be able to be re-used or up cycled.
  • Pinpoint gaps, areas of concern or find new direction with a new strategy.
  • Create more focussed content that is inline with your overall goals and objectives.
Video Audit by Online Videos Perth

Video Audit by Online Videos Perth

Step One : Review Your Video Goals & Content Marketing Strategy

Here, we start with the big picture questions.

Why do you have video? What is the purpose of the video? What are your goals and objectives? How does video fit into your overall content marketing strategy?

Maybe you need more attention online to drive traffic to your website. Maybe you want to engage and build a relationship with visitors to your website or maybe you want to increase the conversion rate and turn more browsers into buyers.

To enable your business to move forward with success you will need to get to the main aims for your video to create a clear pathway.


Step Two: Gather Your Complete Video Data

This is the step with the most work as you have to compile all your video content into a single space or document.

Here is the sort of data that should be included:

  • Title of Video
  • URL
  • Date of Publication
  • Type of Video (Explainer, Brand Film, Story Video, How To, Educational etc.)
  • Keywords
  • Stage of Marketing Funnel
  • Product or Service the video is about
  • Ideal targeted client
  • VIdeo’s purpose
  • How is the video used
  • Sites where video is embedded
  • Analytics or Metrics

This can be an arduous task as you must cross check all videos have been accounted for. This may include spur of the moment “Mobile Uploads” or other stand alone videos that you may have uploaded to Social Media. If this sounds like a bit too much, perhaps consider using an online service. Screaming Frog is a website crawler that will cut down your work time.

Step Three: Asses All Your Video Content

Assess means actually watching all your videos. With the spread sheet you just created, you have all the data, now you need to understand or analyse the data to make better decisions. I would recommend conducting this with more than one pair of eyes and ears, this way you’ll pick up more insights and ask better questions.

Using the information collected, go over every video you have and determine how each video is used and whether or not it is hitting it’s objective. Make sure every video meets or exceeds your level of quality, consistency and value.


Questions to ask:

  • Does this resonate with the intended audience?
  • How does your audience react to your video?
  • What action does the video want you to take?
  • Is the video meeting its goals?
  • Are we proud of the video enough to keep using it?
Step Four: Categorise Your Videos

Now, you have to categorise your videos, time to get ruthless. To do this we rate each video on two parameters; quality and effectiveness. From there we put them into one of four piles or buckets; Redo, Keep, Remove and Reuse.


To “keep” a video it must tick all the boxes of the overall strategy. It has a clear objective or goals, talks directly to the your ideal client, marketed with a solid strategy and given time to be effective. Next time you perform this Video Marketing Audit, a Keeper this time might end up in the bin next time, so just because it is good now, don’t think that it will always be good.


A video is a “Redo” if the quality is poor, outdated or not on Brand, but it is being used effectively, or can see it being used effectively. These videos tend to be older and may have pieces of content within the video that works and some that doesn’t. It may just be a video that needs a refresh due to some small changes like colours, fonts, branding etc.


These videos will have good quality content, aimed at the intended targeted audience and relevant, but is not being used effectively. This is the sort of content you must re evaluate to work out a better strategy to get the most from this type of video.


These videos are of poor quality, do not address your intended audience and are not working for you in a good way. You don’t want poor quality video dragging down your image or brand. These may have been made early in the life of your business and with all the changes you have gone through, no longer reflects a positive image. Don’t be shy, remove and delete these video from your hosting site and wherever they may be embedded.

Keep Redo Reuse Remove VM Strategy

Keep Redo Reuse Remove VM Strategy

Step Five: Identify Gaps Within Your Strategy

Now that we have assessed you current Video Marketing Strategy, we have to look at that against what you want to achieve mid to long term. Are they both heading in the same direction? So we need to ask ourselves some hard questions here:

With the benefit of hindsight, what would you have done differently with your video content?

Has your marketing goals changed over time since you started using video?

Can you now see opportunities within your business that you could perhaps think of as content, where you wouldn’t have before?

Are there any upcoming opportunities that you could take better advantage of?

Can you replicate more of what worked?

Since we know more about how video can benefit our business, we may actually delegate it more tasks. Segmenting your video content into purpose per product. This may be useful if you have different buying personas as the language may differ from product to product. By doing this you may realise your “Top Heavy” in a certain part of the process but lacking in video content in another.


Step Six: Refresh Your Strategy with New Content

The last and final step of the audit, bringing it all together in your Video Marketing Strategy Guide. You understand which content is usable and why as well as what can be deleted and what can be re-edited to suit your overall objectives.

Concentrate on your successes and move on from the slow burning ideas that may take a while to grow. If you realised you haven’t done enough and you are trying new content ideas, be smart and flexible enough to be able to pivot towards the content that is bringing you the best results.

Have this in a document form, if you are taking care of it in house, so everybody’s working from the same page. If you are engaging with an agency, they really should have lead you by the hand through this process, but at least you can know hand it over to them so they are crystal clear on what you want to achieve.

If you would like us to do all the hard yakka for you, them please feel free to call Reg on 040 171 9859 and he’ll guide you through our Six Step Video Audit Process. Or, click the “I’m Interested” button below.

Good Luck!



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