Online Videos Perth Store Front
Online Videos Perth Store Front

Looking for recommendations for Video Production kit to get your content looking professional. Well look no further, as in our store, we only recommend products that myself, or others within the industry have used and recommended.


If there is one piece of kit that will lift your videos from the doldrums is a microphone. Viewers will tolerate bad picture if they can follow the story or understand the video, until the picture rectifies itself. If a video has bad audio quality, your viewers will exit the video quicker that a lizard drinking.

Wireless Microphones for your Smart Device

Most people have a nice camera, so make sure you have a nice microphone to match.

Starting at the bottom, but quite a good wireless microphone is the FYKey Wireless Microphone.

Here, I’m recommending a good Australian brand, Rode. They make awesome stuff. The Rode Wireless ME is a single mic that will perform well in all conditions and would suit you well.

The next model jup at Rode is the Rode Wireless GO 2. This microphone has two transmitters and one receiver, meaning you have two microphones, on two channels. That is a key feature, plus it has lots of fruit.

Next on your list should be a tripod. But not just any tripod Paul, a 3 axis, wireless gimbal. You have a choice of three.

Handheld Gimbals for your Smart Device

First you have the top of the line, latest model, the DJI OM6.

Next, you have what I have, the DJI OM5. You’ll note it is a bit more expensive, purely down to owning one myself. ????

Finally, you have a budget model, that will still meet all your needs, the DJI OM SE

There you have it. I’m sure we’ll chat more about this Paul. Best of luck!

Here we have printer ink for your Brother Home Office Copy / Scanner.