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The Growth Of Video Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It

The Growth Of Video Marketing And Why Your Business Needs It

These days, any brand should consider integrating video marketing into their plans. If you’re still not doing this, you are missing out on the gold mine. Its fruits are limitless and accessible even to those outside your target audience. It’s safe to claim that this is the golden age of Video Marketing.

Video Marketing is a digital strategy that uses videos to engage the audience. Video is considered the final form of content since businesses can include all other elements with it, such as visual cues, texts, motion, and audio.

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Video is the New King of Content

Newspapers were conquered by radio, radio by television – and now, 6 out of 10 people would instead consume online videos than TV. Any medium that can beat video marketing is nowhere in sight.

Shane Perry, a business specialist from Max Funding, suggests that the most practical way to maximize video production is using the features provided by social media platforms such as stories from Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat. She further explains,

“Google and Facebook ads operate today in a way that you can manipulate almost anything for your brand image. Edit videos, target audience, schedule ads, gather analytics, rinse and repeat. Business owners can experiment without financial damage. The sky’s the limit in advertising today.”

Two ladies on laptops growth of video marketing

Here are the main reasons why it is dominating almost all areas of industry today:

1. Engagement – The creative possibilities in making videos are endless. Looking at the production perspective, companies that can afford it invest a lot of resources to produce ads that almost look and feel like a movie; with sophisticated CGIs sometimes. In the consumption side, what we see is the overwhelming power of connectivity. Nearly all videos today can be shared in just a click.

2. Humans are visual creatures – This is the biological explanation for this phenomena. Visual cues incorporated with captivating sounds will always win over texts or just sounds because it engages multiple senses at the same time.

3. Higher conversion rate – It makes sense that customers will prefer products that are demonstrated in a video than explained extensively in texts. According to research, 64-85% more likely to buy a product after watching its video ad.

4. Massively contributes in SEO – If your business provides highly-engaging videos, the audience will stay longer in your website or channel (like in YouTube). This affects the bounce rate of your site and will tell search engines that your content is worthy of a higher rank.

5. Usage of mobile phones is the peak media consumption today – How does this affect video marketing? Mobile phones are primarily invented for portability. This translates in digital space as well. Videos are so much easier to digest than texts in smartphones. Also, people prefer short forms of content of entertainment or even education. This is why TikTok seemed like an overnight success.

Lady holding a mobile watching #ConnectionCouch
Lady holding a mobile watching #ConnectionCouch

How to Take Advantage of Video Marketing Opportunities

New businesses might be sceptical on how videos can fit in their niche or overall brand. Unless you are in the writing field, there is no reason to hesitate to produce engaging videos. Say you started on capturing an audience via blog articles: ideally, you can easily transform it into video essays with more distinct and appealing elements. And that’s where Online Videos Perth can help you.

If you are planning to take on the digital market through video, connect with us! We provide comprehensive steps for you to start owning your competition.

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