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Top 20 YouTube Channels To Follow For Awesome Hints & Tips

If You Are Serious About DIY Video Production and YouTube Marketing, Here is a List of Vital Channels You Need To Follow.

Are you thinking about or have just started a YouTube channel for your business?

Not sure who to turn to for solid advice on video equipment, editing techniques or YouTube know how?

Here are my Top 20 YouTube channels that you need to follow to get the most up to date hints and tips on how to make better videos and get awesome results from you efforts. Number 20 is a hidden gem, so make sure you at least scroll to the end. 😉

YouTube Channel Hints & Tips

Video Creators

Tim and his crew have been running this channel for a few years now and is constantly up to date in his practice and advice.

Derral Eves

If Derral doesn’t know the answer to your YouTube question, no one does.

Video Influencers

Sean and Benji have both video production and marketing tips.

Roberto Blake

Roberto is a young entrepreneur who loves to give value and has a calm, pleasant delivery style.

Better Videos

Peter McKinnon

Peter is a young film maker and gives quality tips to give your videos an extra bit of shine.


A basic approach to video making

Basic Film Maker

It does what it says on the tin

Justin Brown – Primal Video

Great tips on using your smart device to produce quality videos

Mike Murphy Co

One man’s approach to most of it


Medium to advanced tips in these tutorials

Better Live Broadcasts

Nick Nimmin

Great ways to make your LIVE broadcasts better

Steve Dotto

Steve has a very simply approach to tech and media and aims his message at those who are a little green when it comes to SM and digital marketing.

Better Audio

Mike Russell

Understand and record better audio for even better videos

Better On Camera Performance

Charisma On Command

Learn and practice your on camera skills

Video Marketing


James Wedmore


YouTube Browser Plug-Ins

Tubular Insights


YouTube Direct

YouTube Creators

So there you have it, all twenty of my favourite YouTube channels, where I go to keep up to date and inspired to create great videos for my clients. If you have any better suggestions, please put them in the comments sections and I’ll review them at a later date.

If you are interested in video marketing and/or YouTube, You can attend one of my workshops or book a 1 on 1 through Business Station and the ASBAS grant for a subsidised price.

If you’d prefer something a bit more professional, please feel free to contact Reg, obligation free on 0401 719 859 for a free chat about your idea.

Good Luck!


After working in TV both in Australia and in the UK, Reg decided to use his production and story telling skills for good. Helping all business owners get to grips with how video can boost business in all areas has become and exciting part of his life. Outside of work Reg is a keen basketball player and coach and enjoys riding his bike along the river.

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