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How To Think Differently About YouTube – Business Owners Edition (2020)

This is the shortened video version of the VID19 Conference

If you are a business owner in 2020 and you are not taking YouTube seriously, then you are missing out on exposure, promotion, video views and ultimately sales. In this blog post (which is a short excerpt from my VID19 Conference Presentation), I’m going to give you an important tool to help recognise and change the way you think about YouTube.

Let’s dive right in!

Hello and welcome to Video Matters, my name is Reg Sorrell from Online Videos Perth and I’m here to sprinkle a little bit of Monkey Magic on your video marketing. So Julia Steel, thank you Julia organised VID19 earlier this month or late March I can’t quite remember off hand and I was lucky enough to be accepted to present as part of that. Lots of people, I think it was 19 plus speakers over the course of the month and I presented on YouTube but not just any YouTube why and how business owners need to change the way they think about YouTube in order to leverage the power of Google, YouTube and video. So this is slightly tongue-in-cheek because obviously I’m quoting sort of psychological ways to change your mindset I know what it is on the YouTube but the premise is still the same. You can’t keep thinking that YouTube is all about conspiracy theories, cat videos and kids streaming video games because there’s definitely more to it than that. So please have a watch, it’s only I think four minutes long and that will help you understand how to change your thinking regarding YouTube. 

So, if you got some value from this video I would urge you to click press the let’s see the insight button, don’t worry about the like button too cliched the what I say the insightful button and that would really really help me out and I would greatly appreciate it thank you. So, but don’t further ado here’s how business owners should think differently about YouTube. 

Hi everyone and welcome to our evening session we are 5 o’clock in Melbourne and we are joined by Reg Sorrell from Perth. So it’s a bit earlier in the afternoon there for you Reg. Reg is gonna talk to us about how to get more people to watch us on YouTube which is I have to say marriage is something I don’t know a lot about LinkedIn is my social media platform of choice. So I’m keen to get you keen your insights so I’m gonna hand over to you if people could pop in the chat where they’re joining from that would be fantastic and yeah feel free to add to the chat so Reg can get your thoughts and ideas as we go. So Reg, over to you looking forward to learning a bit more about YouTube.

Thank you very much, appreciate the introduction good evening ladies and gentlemen my name is Reg I’m from a company called Online Videos Perth, where essentially help businesses ATTRACT, ENGAGE and CONVERT more of their web visitors into clients. Today I want to talk about YouTube. Essentially, what I want to start with will be in two parts so I’m gonna talk about how to think about YouTube because from my discussions with business owners over the last few years, YouTube is seen as a bit more of a social destination. It’s full of cat videos, it’s full of young people playing games online, but that’s not the case. That’s not the case at all. Let’s just start with summary here all right so I’m gonna explain to you why I believe you should be focusing on YouTube okay now because I said before a lot of people a lot of businesses owners don’t actually consider YouTube as a viable option for their marketing so I’m going try and change your mind about that. I’m gonna go through a very basic mindset change and it’s sort of tongue-in-cheek I will be honest with you because it is YouTube. We’re not not talking about quitting smoking or something a little bit more serious, but it’s good to understand how the brain works essentially and how you need to sort of recognise that and move forward. I mean what I want to do is. I’m going to give you a step-by-step YouTube strategy and what you need to do to take advantage of the billions of people that are online watching videos on YouTube.

How To Change Your Mindset

Let’s start with MINDSET and why we need to change it. I’d be very interested to know who actually takes YouTube seriously for business. it’s not just somewhere to go and sit and waste a couple of hours watching cat videos or going down a rabbit hole with the conspiracy theory videos. and hello to Amy and hello to Jo for joining us appreciate that and not me good to hear Amy good to hear. With the mindset change the biggest thing is actually accept that you do think negatively about YouTube and that you need to change. So it’s like anything else once you recognise that that is the case then you’re probably a couple of steps ahead of someone who isn’t quite there yet. What you need to do is you need to understand and recognise those moments of negative thinking when it comes to YouTube and then you need a trigger or some sort of flip switch to induce a positive thoughts about YouTube.

Why Chance Your Opinion of YouTube

The next part is understanding your why, so I’ll go into this a little bit more detail later on in the presentation because you need to understand why you need to change your thoughts about YouTube and this one is motivation and willpower is not enough and get comfortable with the f-word. Now that’s not a swear word, that word is actually failure. But again this is more to do with a whole mindset change in regarding to an aspect of your life rather than just YouTube. So you need to understand and recognise when you’re being dismissive and you take sense that you’re thinking that little towards YouTube and it needs to stop. I’m gonna mention some stats I’ve actually changed the order of the slides that’s why I said I mentioned them, but there’ll be some stats to show you exactly what I’m talking about.

Believe it or not your ideal clients are on YouTube and they’re actively looking for businesses and like yours. Okay, so once you’ve actually decided to think positive towards YouTube then you’re on the right track! All right so YouTube knows all the right people and will gladly introduce you.

There you have it, an important tool to help you get over the hump that is a negative opinion of YouTube.

Do you fall into this category of not taking YouTube seriously? Has this post helped you at all to change your opinion? Stay tuned as I have another 15 blog posts on the way that will break down your Complete YouTube Strategy to Get More Views To Grow YouR Business.

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